Friday, April 4, 2014

On Politics And Other Related Nonsense

With election fever on the rise, opinion polls forecast, people and their opinion about parties echoing around and politicians blazing their never-to-keep promises, I just wonder, if how or who rules has any affect on me or my life...
1. Has it helped reduce my taxes (though I keep cribbing that a multiple tax system is a sign of failure of a system and is never an alternate moral replacement for money lost in war, scams and fraud otherwise)?(!) or
2. Prevented the toll charges I pay to take a road that is supposed to be already constructed in the infrastructure expenses for which they say my taxes are collected?(!) or
3. Rendered free and available-for-all quality education and health facilities in my so called "welfare" state instead of taking interest and control over state-owned liquor shops?(!)
4. Has it improved the safety and quality and reduced the cost of taking public transport?(!) or nevertheless, has it reduced my registration and stamp duties when I want to buy or sell property?(!)
5. Are my women and children safe and does the police and military safeguard them or are they still free to abuse the ones they are supposed to protect under the protective cover of state and centre-provided uniforms?(!)
6. Do court cases find an end so that I may atleast have some reconciliation to shift focus from my suburban drudgery and chronic dissatisfaction rising out of realizing the giant failure of other systems?(!) or is it still going to take generations to see the end?(!) well, that is, if my files are lucky enough and don't get buried before me?(!)
7. Has it improved the dignity of labour or has it provided security for jobs and lives or encouraged unions without calling them names or labeling them as 'grave internal threats'?(!)
8. Is the air I breathe and water I need safe or are nuclear power-stations built to show strength even if it is over the dead bodies of people who ask for safety and sustainable living?(!)
9. Once you (no matter who) come to power how is it that I am made to feel so powerless and I get to realize the true 'you' and the fool 'me'(every time) and the same story continues with a new name under the old and familiar cap?(!)
And now, even if under the influence of drugs and a drum-roll, hyper-ventilated chorus singing praises of politicians and their family and mass hysteria, do you really think that I care a damn (or a reason to feel otherwise) who or how this country is ruled?(!)
Raaman aandalum Raavanan aandalum... enak'Oru kavalai illay