Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Spiritual Communist

'What is the point in believing in God?' 'How can one claim to be rationale and yet believe in the most absurd abstract ever created?' 'Why waste time on God when it may be better used to create your own destiny?' People ask...

Well, as for me, without God and faith-my own, personal sans exhibition-it would be too hard for me to forgive people who have been unjust, erred and have saddened me deep-at times so deep that normally, without that God who taught me to forgive, who helps me to forget and pray for the goodness, well being and blessings of wonders and wonderful life for them who saddened me, I would have ended up miserable and bitter, swearing, cursing and violently abusing the people and the world around me most of the time. 

Today instead, though ridiculously irrational, absurd and abstract, the time invested in the goodness of God in absolute faith, has created a destiny for me to live alongside others who I cease to hate nor destroy yet never cease to love unconditionally like my God ever would... eventually its a choice between a natural hater or a nurtured lover, a choice between evil and good and an ultimate choice between violence and peace. Though I cross and fall off the line of goodness in this dreadful path of life and people I tread, (ever so many times), it is this God that puts me back in track and helps me continue with courage and peace, nudging me to take the higher road (unsurprized to see many walking besides) and rest in a destiny chosen for me... "Why then should I not be a wandering vagabond treading towards this destiny?!" "Afterall, if Communism is about sharing, equality, justice and to ensure a peaceful coexistence bearing one another, what else is God then?!" I ask... hahaha... Lifes Good... and better still with an unconditional God rising above a conditional ideology... 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

These days I hear some people say with a glee that they want to bring up their children the American way. When I ask them what this "American" way is?! it seems they feel that logical upbringing based on well founded, profound and established psychological theories and "expert" advice picked from parenting magazines is what they claim to be American. The great American dream I thought... perhaps to be honest, even I have had my share of pull towards this lure to attempt to try and control others by forcing them into the box in which I would like to see them contained so that everything becomes easier for me (unbothered about what harm I do to others)... the American way.
Then when you face reality and decide to brave it, the humble Indian ideology of giving up control and understanding the beauty of nothingness seems much more comforting, easier and worthy of pursuing.

Today, I see nations getting a taste of their own medicine otherwise prepared for others. Wars planned out to explode in other countries, break out within their own boundaries; nuclear war heads and power stations and armouries stored to the brim and even overflowing with weapons of mass destruction which were supposedly meant to protect a country and indicate development, has become the weakest spot which needs to be protected and has strained our concentration and has diverted our attention away from things more humanely worthy of pursuing like education, health, employment and sustainability so much so that we have hardly moved anywhere and in the charts of development, "stagnation" seems to be a pretty spot at which we sit. Countries have chosen to build industries on farm lands and raise their begging bowls for food to neighbouring states; States on the other hand, chose to build dams to keep water for themselves and end up flooding their land instead. Oh! what a community of idiots we live in, a community rich with idiot admirers and a community of idiots we have become... hahaha... 
We have chosen to exchange life for death and freedom for security. We have failed to understand the meaning of life in our attempts to conquer death. We have brilliantly mutilated genes, produced bio-engineered vegetables and have exemplified our scientific advancement in bio-medical, bio-tech and bio-xyz and have made our land worthless and as barren as a frigid woman and we dare to call her with shameless pride "our motherland" after abusing her with so much of experimenting right in her womb. If our people show any sign of dissent or grief or growth, we label them as "grave internal threats" without wasting time to look into what they are crying about and take them up into the stakes to be burnt; and the rest of us, with folded hands watch in silence fit for the dead; instead, we might as well stand and applaud-might be the same thing. We have shown the world, especially the white world, that the brown people are the next best replacement for rats, rabbits and monkeys which the whiteman and woman seem to really care about and feel are too delicate to experiment on; here, we, who pledge that "all Indians are our brothers and sisters" at every patriotic gathering and assembly, have gladly given up our men, women, children and aged-mostly ignorant, commonly innocent and always poor as testing grounds and as human samples for experimenting their new found drugs on as medical trials; and our coastal lines have become the dumping ground for nuclear waste, scrapped ships, outdated technologies and desolate garbage of other countries. 

Traitors and betrayers are never born outside the borders, they are always, as history shows us, within; thriving like maggots inside our borders, within our states, within our communities, within our families and within our homes-those that we seldom succeed to recognize even if exposed right in front of our very eyes. Its the so called "our people" who cut those traps for our miserable (down) fall all along the way. These days, I abhor this category of ridiculous, filthy species puddled in their filthy hypocrisy, prejudice and bigotry... Isn't it wonderful to watch-the complacency in which the children rest watching the filth that cover the "mother"land?!  

"So what?!" some of my friends have asked and still do. "Afterall, if it brings in the moolah (a.k.a money) why bother?!" Well, I think its time we begin to see the trade-off. We have started trading our brains, backs and body for this well chosen money as we claim. We are elsewhere and chose to work for someone else or we are here yet work for someone else; we have made ourselves a plastic world that thrives on plastic cash to acquire plastic things... remarkable. We have learnt to spend money that we don't own and slave to pay off the acquired debt with money that we haven't earned yet... all for what?! Material that we don't even need. We have exchanged sense for greed and we think accumulating enough to call it a day is somewhere right there round the corner; yet, no matter how many twists and turns, the unwinding road keeps on drifting. 
This world likes packages; gifts, commodities, machines, salaries, men, women, children, body parts, womb-name it and you have it sold in the nearest market...  packed, tagged and sealed ready for consumption-some sold local while some go global. In the 'global market'-(as we lovingly call it,)-everyone is up for sale-some to the highest bidder and some to the longest keeper; it is here that morale and values get traded for cash; it is in here that the shapeable-flexible-twistable mind and pre-shaped body conforming to social preconception of beauty, fit snugly into its prefixed contours-that the buyers seeks gladly to pick; the remaining leftovers-considered unfit-the free minds and the complacent bodies, are shelved till they begin to crawl to survive and their back is bent; its (only) then, that they get picked and sent to be indented, smashed, thrashed and polished till they shine like the keeper wants them to. Objects of desire we have become, as we deserve to be, for letting others decide who we ought to be. It is in this belly of the market that people sell themselves everyday, to survive, some sell their bodies, some their minds and everyone their soul. This market perhaps is synonymous to a place we find shameful to mention or find hard to be associated with... "So what's wrong afterall its for moolah?!" I ask them. 

To be rationale and not ridiculous, lets agree... this great force-fed "American dream" that we try to grab like arse-scratching apes, is not even worthy of pursuing to begin with. Well, how well have those American kids brought up the "American way" turned out to be at the end of the day?!... there are still more muggers, still more murderers, still more psychopathic children, sociopathic teenagers and almost every other adult is fear-ridden, fear-driven and fear-controlled, ever more need for old-age homes, orphanage, shelter-homes and jails, more and more desolate and broken families with run-away parents as well as run-away children-who don't want to take care of their own; there is still no dearth for rapists and racists, divorce and separations, teenage-pregnancies, homelessness, drug, alcohol and other substance abusers; social fragmentation, defabrication, stratification, pain, pathetic chaos and panic that is still nakedly visible and rampant in the great and mighty, almighty U.S of A that tries its best to hide behind the Emperor's new robe and waiting for that moment for a child to say, "But, he has nothing at all!" 
Chewing paan and spitting witnessed in other places is considered disgusting by them; yet, chewing someone's head walking into their own homes and spitting blood, is glorified in the name of war and security as the world watches on(?!)-How civilized is that?! 
Attempts to Americanize the whole world goes by not just seeding their products, genetic modifications, drugs, pesticides and people yet also by installing weapons, aid and military which goes to prove the terrible and horrible insecurity of a minority that is solely dependent on others for its survival and bothered about its survival alone; this is not just boring, it is unsustainable and simply not possible with a better world lying outside and often within our own territories that is seldom realized yet hard to let go.

Yet, muted, mutilated, humiliated and lost, we stand at crossroads; stuck, stranded and stagnant-this my friends, is the reality India wakes up to in the stroke of the midnight hour when the rest of the world sleeps, on our close-to-7-decades of unclaimed independence left to rot. It is in seeking goodness that I wish that as a nation what we require is perhaps a "Time-out" like American parents do, the glorified American way, sit and think in a corner and reflect on what we have done and what we can do to undo the damages done. Once undone and done with it, let us awake, arise and stop not till our goal is reached (as we can't reap harvest by ploughing and rolling the field in our thoughts alone) to bring forth a better India, a India that moves, a India that is sustainable, that is grounded and above all, a India that manages to find the courage to stand in its own feet. 
Till that day comes, sleep on India, sleep on... after all thy mother's lap treasures thee, as she sings a lullaby with tears swelling up her eyes as she waits for her children to wake up from their pretended slumber...  

p.c: National geographic

Monday, August 12, 2013

It Is Black

It is black. If one does not draw his identity, he would be forced to move into and take up an identity the world cynically yet cleverly and clearly draws for him. It is great to live in an illusion that we are all equal, created equal, born equal et al; as we endlessly justify its claim and claim for it; yet, the truth is that we are not equal, no one is; we are just similar and that's it. These lines we draw to define ourself appears dark in light. And darkness is real and into darkness we move to know what is true. 

“Light is shallow; darkness is infinitely deep. Light is always bounded, it has boundaries. Darkness has no boundaries, it is unbounded. Light comes and goes; darkness always is. When there is light you cannot see it. When light is not there you can see it. But it is always there; you cannot cause it. Light has a cause. You burn the fire, you put on wood. When the wood is finished the light will be gone. It is caused, hence it is an effect. But darkness is not caused by anything, it is not an effect. It is uncaused eternity.” said Osho.

The closer we get to reality, the darker it gets. In darkness, you are alone, closer to you, closest to you alone. In darkness one loses himself; and lost, finds himself. Darkness brings warmth like the dark looming clouds before a rain. The other mystical element-water, at its depths-the abyss, is just as dark as well. Identifying ones own darkness helps him to move away from the fake light in which he sees himself and others and the spot from which he sees others or allows them to see him. 

Immediate movement into darkness brings forth fear and shudders, the natural. Identity intends to break our comfort zone and that of others that they hold of us. It is in darkness that we usually see beyond the conditioned notions with which the world sees us... those lines of disparity, the points of discrimination and all the unnatural lines drawn to distinguish us and thus differentiate us. It is in darkness that one comes from and into the same one moves' yet, isn't it strange that man fears darkness when in light and alone?! 

In a way, it is in darkness that man is really tested face to face with no restraint-bold, raw, rustic, strong, dark and black-and he begins to see himself clear. Cleared off from all those defining lines the world had drawn for him-to contain him, to manipulate him and to convince him of his limits. In a way, it is in this darkness, the pitch black bottom, that those dark lines separating us to see us apart gets reconnected and we see people beyond differences-that otherwise we have to beg for and plead in light. True knowledge is dark,far away from the comfort of the light we are generally exposed to; that is perhaps why they insist on unlearning as more important than the learning. Light divides, darkness unites. Let the fool and the coward step out and let the others move on; into darkness let us be lost and find ourselves and others ... Let us leap into the boundless comfort of darkness. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tolerating The Liar

Poverty can do some marvellous tricks especially if it comes barging like a mugger in the night-unexpected and unwelcome. Often we speak of some of those values that we will not let go no matter what, those that we have treasured and managed to keep close and dear to our heart; well, let poverty come in and you will not even realize through which back door all those learnt values, adapted principles and those collected goodness flew. The usual indicator of poverty that often one tries to keep submerged and under wraps nevertheless the ruthless world knows and optimizes on the hinges at which it hangs, is when one begins to lie. These lies are not in denial of what something is or is it in absolute conclusion of how things ought to be; yet, these minted, tinted and painted lies are delivered in an  attempt to hold on to the pride that one sees slipping away and is helpless and unable to bear or hold. This, my friend, is a desperate beginning of a struggle to keep one’s image intact unlike the life that just slipped away.

Lies are like flies in the marketplace-they are there all around, irritating and menacing and any fool can see; yet, all chose to ignore and hope that it will not bother them and they won't be there in this market for long; yet, time can be relative here too. Liars are like sword-fighters; their survival depends on not just how they uses their tale-blades that cut sharp yet also see through and survive the mutuality of its extension from other fighters swaying their blades too. In these grounds, for those who fight to live, nothing is fair and nothing is unfair. 

This is all in the game in a world that is ruthlessly keyed to survive. When a man or a woman begin to lie, they feel that they are in better control over life, to keep at least the imagery of what otherwise it has unjustifiably taken away from them. Add one more life that depends on you... and just as one bears humiliation, belittling and wounds inflicted by others, at times, many times, lies work in favour of saving one's honour. Add a few more lives that depend on you, truth shrinks and lies multiply... the lies we have to say where we work to survive the brutality rises parallel to the lies we have to maintain at home to save us from embarrassment of knowing how one gets treated at work. 

Life sure is crueller than lies-and who dare says it is not except another liar?! The God sleeps and the devil awakes every time there is a lie afloat. The God is in the distant heavens and the devil in the closer hell; poverty at times is not monetary alone and the poor on Earth, reach out to the nearest every time life extends an unfair hand.  

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Marionette-A Poetry Recital

Once upon a time, i wrote a poem that did seem to go well with people. 'The Marionette' as i had titled it, also got some acknowledgement in the poetry circle. Today, i tried to record it and tried adding some audio-visual elements to it and here it is for you to see and hear...

The Marionette

A drop of tear like dew drop did fall,
with pain in the heart like a sinking star.
Like eyeless moths on the dark horizon,
the looming image of sorrow drifts.

The bridges move as I in stillness stand;
time flies by and so doth the distance.
Scramming like a ruthless vagabond,
bonds of restraint seem to have no bounds.

The world rests well and so must I
knowing that tides roll past as destiny moves by.

Birth, life or death, we are just puppets on loose strings;
held by a power above.
Till fate moves on, let us dance our dance,
like the last standing dew drops on the blade of grass.
by AFD

Thank you...