Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tolerating The Liar

Poverty can do some marvellous tricks especially if it comes barging like a mugger in the night-unexpected and unwelcome. Often we speak of some of those values that we will not let go no matter what, those that we have treasured and managed to keep close and dear to our heart; well, let poverty come in and you will not even realize through which back door all those learnt values, adapted principles and those collected goodness flew. The usual indicator of poverty that often one tries to keep submerged and under wraps nevertheless the ruthless world knows and optimizes on the hinges at which it hangs, is when one begins to lie. These lies are not in denial of what something is or is it in absolute conclusion of how things ought to be; yet, these minted, tinted and painted lies are delivered in an  attempt to hold on to the pride that one sees slipping away and is helpless and unable to bear or hold. This, my friend, is a desperate beginning of a struggle to keep one’s image intact unlike the life that just slipped away.

Lies are like flies in the marketplace-they are there all around, irritating and menacing and any fool can see; yet, all chose to ignore and hope that it will not bother them and they won't be there in this market for long; yet, time can be relative here too. Liars are like sword-fighters; their survival depends on not just how they uses their tale-blades that cut sharp yet also see through and survive the mutuality of its extension from other fighters swaying their blades too. In these grounds, for those who fight to live, nothing is fair and nothing is unfair. 

This is all in the game in a world that is ruthlessly keyed to survive. When a man or a woman begin to lie, they feel that they are in better control over life, to keep at least the imagery of what otherwise it has unjustifiably taken away from them. Add one more life that depends on you... and just as one bears humiliation, belittling and wounds inflicted by others, at times, many times, lies work in favour of saving one's honour. Add a few more lives that depend on you, truth shrinks and lies multiply... the lies we have to say where we work to survive the brutality rises parallel to the lies we have to maintain at home to save us from embarrassment of knowing how one gets treated at work. 

Life sure is crueller than lies-and who dare says it is not except another liar?! The God sleeps and the devil awakes every time there is a lie afloat. The God is in the distant heavens and the devil in the closer hell; poverty at times is not monetary alone and the poor on Earth, reach out to the nearest every time life extends an unfair hand.  

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