Saturday, February 27, 2010

Whats Happeneing...

After the midnight rants, there was something I could find to write about. There is nothing that has affected me in the recent past and that bothers me quite a bit. By the by, my book titled "Taking the higher road..." is waiting to be published and I am waiting for the release. Now, like every one needs a reason to write, I await an inspiration... something that has the power to affect me. Not just a muse or something of that sorts from the realms of a writer; yet something that would bother me, trouble me and make me bring it out without which the soul would be bothered quite a bit... to a point where rest would be impossible. People around are either too plain or too boring and the best at times, explicitly and unconditionally display a combination of both. Now I have to look at objects or things for inspiration... its the same anyway... duh!

This time my rsoulution for my B'day was quite volomnous. Speak less, do more; Eat less, workout more; Hate less, Love more... and so on and so forth; and quite obviously as all resoulutions go, mine turned upside down as well. Doing more of the less and vice versa.

The guy who has been irritating me from across the official corridor, is definitely not an inspiration yet a nuisance. Of late, I have also come to know that he vanishes during the weekends to look at girls his parents pick for him (so I knew someone had to do it for him)... Oh by the by, "girlies!" if there is a son of a bitch at your door and he speaks in malayalam too, beware... it could be this freak. Having issues with his dental outside and an incurable mental inside.

What care do woMen take to pick the sperm-depositer who installs the seed into them... do they even care?! Are all people alike as I try to perceive them or are they all quite different as I expect myself to be? Do woMen have brains at all? Cos' some stupid woMan is going to get these guys who we, the Male community, think are born 'nuts' and even doubt if they have what I just now referred them as and probably try to build a spine around him and try to get him recommended into a Male circle and try to even promote him as a Male rather than have him mocked around and soon get tired of this 'trying'... duh! woMen, woMen, woMen! do they even know?! One stupid feMale i know, said that 'all Men have the same size of penis and so whats the difference?' If only it was true! Duh! woMen! are they as stupid as they often look?!

Recently there was one woMan who was highly commented upon for revealing her bosom through her saree... As usual, I was asked to comment on this signature move by the lady to get the attention she actually needed. Personally, I feel that there is a thin line... a very thin line that seprates vulgarity from sensuality and to me the display of extra fat in an exuberant way was not that sensual and she had an eye and I preferred noticing that to other flubbers popping out.

However, with these kinds of trivial issues happening around, I wish to see if there are better things to be bothered about... am even contemplating to move away from this self-concealed box and enter the crowded world again... one more time.

Bottomline: “I warn you, if you bore me, I shall take my revenge.” J.R.R. Tolkien

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Defending A Lie

Over the last week, after the glorious return from the mountain tops, as if to ruin the lifted spirits, a son of a bitch inspires me with lies and expects me to defend. Can anyone understand how difficult it is to defend lies than prove truth?! Its like having to prove that unicorns don't exist... how do I do that?!

This a-hole drops in from God's own country known for stabbing people on their backs and does the same with moi. Thanks buddy! The issue errupted because I confronted him directly Man to Man... the problem was it took me a while to realize that some fellows sprout hair even after castration. This fcuker actually cried during the confrontation! hahaha... The sobber's trails leads to the comforting demands he sets forth at his HoD's table, later the Dean's and a sequence of inter-departmental meetings that followed. Duh! More ass-kissing and ass-wiping for that son of a bitch.

However, it irritated me, not quite angered. The one thing I long for is to fight a real enemy and these fcukers spoil the sport. Too many people have offered me the courtesy of fighting for real and fighting for a cause... the fight that errupts the soul within and troubles your sleep and refreshes you with a cause to wake up for, sharpen your swords and fight once again... and now this trivial a-hole wants someone to wipe his tears?! "Grow up! or shoo shoo go get Papa the bone (bitchy mutt)!" At the end of the day, a Manz gotto do what a Manz gotto do! So haven't slipped him from my scope yet it moves...

Bottomline: "It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious." Oscar Wilde

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

At The Gatta

Its been long since I scribbled a post. A 7-day rural camp with the first years and as usual a aptitude and attitude adjusting endeavour for many... Going there to teach, I was humbled more than ever as a learner; such beautiful dynamics among the group. However, in a no Man's land, no wires, no mobile network, no milk, no grocery, no medical shop... almost nothing! Life was peaceful.

Towards the end of the camp, a sudden reminder of the car, laptop, mobile etc., that soon I will have to end up connecting with, disoriented me so much... those unnecessities of life. Duh!

Life can be lived so simple and so easy as well; and I got a taste of that as well. From the place we were stationed, I could see some luscious, dreamy mountains in peaceful slumber... a million pages can be written atop those peaks I felt. A million and more...

FOr a week, I did not touch money and back to reality, I had to and felt like it meant nothing. Communism or what they call primitive Communism was so good... felt good. Now back to the money world, fake smiles, compulsive emotional displays, reactions, response and all those nurtured creations of humanity... the ticket to belong! With noises from the world cut, in silence, voices from within was audible... writing too now feels loud and I aspire silence once more.

The nature of the beast still holds firm and only reassured lies, knowing more than anyone else does that nothing is stronger than its weakest link.

Bottomline: "We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey." Stephen Convey