Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Don't Read This If Cancer Is None Of Your Botheration

There was a time when trying to find a person surviving cancer was rare; this was not "long time ago, so long ago..."as the story must go; yet just a few decades ago when we did not have high radiation levels from cell phone towers, microwaves and wifis and all the devices like blue-tooth to cell phones to every other wifi-enabled computer device we use to track, trap and keep us connected to high levels of radiation so pointlessly, free-floating around without any control. Today, we stand at a precarious point of history where not knowing someone close to us-in family or friends-living with cancer is only a rarest or rarest chance. The ever growing debate over the cause of cancer must be rested instead of allowing it to be easily diverted to non-issues. 

Besides the pesticides used on vegetables for which we find it easier to attack the poor farmer, very often, the bigger and often hideous vendetta of the corporate world get carefully hidden in this diversion over the reason behind the cause of cancer; giant corporates who run the cell phone industry, the blue tooth gadgets, the wifi and the rest of the hi-fi gadgets that we so feverishly consume with pride, the scans that the doctors so deliberately send us to more than required and everything rich and populated to which we have become blind consumers of forced needs remain hardly questioned. The radiation from these sources are a whole lot more than we can imagine that kills us slowly yet systematically

Following are a few NEWS articles showing how countries which had this huge wi-fi frenzy earlier are giving up that obsession (countries like Australia which was the worst hit) and have decided rather than taking pride in having a 'wifi-free' campus, they would rather have a campus free of wifi-devices and save their children from irreversible damage:

Since 2010, five persons have died of cancer and five are battling the disease in Patel’s colony that has about 15 cell phone towers. 

Over 80 percent of those who succumbed to certain types of cancer resided approximately a third of a mile away from one of the hundreds of cell phone antennae that populate the city in Brazil. These cancers, primarily found in the prostate, breasts, lungs, kidneys, liver, are the ones associated with exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

“Being exposed to a mobile tower located within 50m of your home or workplace is like being in a microwave oven for 24 hours,” said Prof. Girish Kumar, department of electrical engineering, IIT Bombay. 

Large numbers of these (cell phone) towers  are mounted near schools, hospitals, residential and office buildings to provide good mobile phone coverage to the users. These cell towers transmit radiation 24×7, so people living within 100s of metres from the tower will receive 10,000 to 10,000,000 times stronger signal than required for mobile. 

"It is not legal to install cellular towers in residential areas without taking formal consent. People can complain at the MCD’s office of their zone," 

Australia takes special lead in promoting campuses free from wifi-radiation after sensing its harmful effect on children.
Get to read more about some crucial concerns it reflects here:

Not just as individuals, yet as parents that most of us are, it would be good for us to know and make more reasonable, informed and deliberate choices and hence this share :)  

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Trash Conferences

Pay for presenting your paper
Pay for publishing your paper
Pay for sharing your knowledge 
Are you kidding???

Would anyone be so desperate to do this or rather fall for this whimsical nonsense ?!
If the organizers do not have the means, what is there to aspire for, call for or be proud of at the end? 
Shouldn't it be the other way around where the knowledge-sharer gets paid for writing, publishing and sharing knowledge if at all it was worth it?! 

The reason for so much filth floating in the knowledge garbage is because of this; worthless pieces of thrash that we get to read these days being published for the cash that gets transactioned inbetween.  

Like those wedding invites, wish people know where to drop these stupid (pay for everything) conference invites... right into my dustbin and right where it belongs.  

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Through His Eyes

They said I was special
“The first” they said
Even literature would be happy with the names with which they called me
Well, I wasn’t born then.

“Selfish”, “Scoundrel”, “Rogue”…
Few of the more sensitive words I get to hear howled around me every now.
Before I go any further, let me introduce myself…
I am just a child who still can’t speak - caught between parents separated
Imprisoned in my mother’s “care” (or so she wishes to think)
As a child stand I scared; crying my pain through speechless walls I stare.

Some see the tears in my eyes
The farthest they can possibly see.
What must be running behind?!
Would anyone dare to see?

“Selfish” he calls her, “Not-even-a-man” she calls him
Each ridicule the other with audience to gape at every rap
Not understanding the words yet understanding the running emotion
Unattended I ran-in between them-with nowhere left to run
The only spoof of their marriage remains in the engraved names of each other in their torso
Lest they forget the other’s

Each tore the other apart with words meant to rip one’s heart
Spitting choice words picked from the gutter at each other’s face
Along they went with their fight unbothered even if it was over my hovering grave
Battles they fought and perhaps wars they win
With my soul to bear the scars within

Scared, surprised and stunned I lay not knowing who will collect my shattering pieces
Off they drifted into the big secure spaces of their egos
Dragging me into shallow worlds I didn’t want to go.
Everything they go through seems real to them 
Everything about them except me.

I will know the “truth” somebody said someday
And understand who was right and who was wrong…
Would I care to think that way?
A ‘knave’, a ‘rogue’, a ‘rascal’ one day I shall be and blame it on everyone to deem my right to be
You can take all the time you want then and decide
The rights and the wrongs and anything in between
And settle scores for yourself

A lifeless life I have now
With pretentious words and spontaneous lies
Secure places with insecure lives
Everyone trying to replace the other.
Every time I look out through the window
And get to see a child holding on to the hand of his father
All I want is that and nothing more;
Yet searching for that hand that is never there
Grasping in vain into thin air 
A fatherless child am I… for no fault of mine
for everyone to mock and stare

“Thank You” Mom; “Thank You” Dad for gifting this life
I’d rather not have;  
Where your lives mattered more than me
Someday I look forward to repay thee…

Monday, August 10, 2015

It's So Good To Fail

We are all beings of imitation; we imitate people who we appreciate; everything we do well is how well we have been able to imitate someone who has succeeded doing things we wished we could do too-be it the way we walk, the way we talk or perhaps even the way we think.

Masters of impersonation are we and with our greed to always excel, we would rather imitate someone who has done the same thing before us than try and attempt to do something our own. To do something our own, means, giving ourselves a chance, a chance to perhaps even fail; yet, we hate trying. We would rather 'cut, copy and paste' in our rush to success rather than give ourselves a shot to fail and perhaps to discover who we really are. We are all scared to fail and in that sense, have forgotten to create something new, something true, something real and above all something our very own that defines us. 

Success has always been history and with more and more conditioned, learnt behaviour being taught in schools and colleges, just an imitate-able impersonation... and just a boring repetition of history. At some point of time, rather than succeed in living a life of impersonation and imitation, tired and boring that we should get, why not attempt to do something ourselves even if it meant we would fail and give ourselves a chance to discover who we really are.  Failure teaches us something new, failure teaches us something more sacred than success, failure helps us learn more about who we are rather than what we are expected to be. It is a success to fail :)