Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Trash Conferences

Pay for presenting your paper
Pay for publishing your paper
Pay for sharing your knowledge 
Are you kidding???

Would anyone be so desperate to do this or rather fall for this whimsical nonsense ?!
If the organizers do not have the means, what is there to aspire for, call for or be proud of at the end? 
Shouldn't it be the other way around where the knowledge-sharer gets paid for writing, publishing and sharing knowledge if at all it was worth it?! 

The reason for so much filth floating in the knowledge garbage is because of this; worthless pieces of thrash that we get to read these days being published for the cash that gets transactioned inbetween.  

Like those wedding invites, wish people know where to drop these stupid (pay for everything) conference invites... right into my dustbin and right where it belongs.  

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