Monday, February 27, 2012

Spiritual or Religious

Me: So, are you a believer?
TWO: What do you mean?
Me: Well, are you a religious person?
TWO: No, I am plain spiritual.
Me: hahaha! Don't start again... whats the difference?!
TWO: Its like choosing to take a path or taking a pathless path. I just walk.
Me: So do you or don't you believe in the concept of "God"?!
TWO: hahaha! I just wonder why those who say they do, don't...



Dee........ said...

SAthiyama puriyala boss... if possible explain this moron :D

VST said...

Deepak, somethings are to be left unexplained. Like one of my friend tells me when everyone asks for explaining a painting... "a painting becomes an essay if explained; so refrain." I believe that applies to philosophy and any other thing abstract as well. Keep reading Deepak, one day you will get it.

sunil deepak said...

Wow, that is profound!

Dee........ said...

Clearly understood :D :D

VST said...

@Sunil: somethings are so simple yet complex and vice versa
@Dee: Finally the King sees his cloak