Friday, February 10, 2012

It Happens Only In India (Part III of III)

Steps to ensuring a Goonda Raj:

Step 1. Do something against the will of the people

Step 2: Most spineless humans will not make even a meek cry against it, some gutless humans will discuss this in tea stalls, coffee tables, bars and probably in seminars and conferences yet not lift a little finger to do anything about it… ignore them

Step 3: A few desperate ones will rise to protest. Silence them. First try threat, then try bribe, then try to include them to your side (Tempt them), if you still can’t succeed accuse them of divulging foreign funds and the presence of foreign “terrorists” in their mission. If they still don’t crack, accuse them more, call them "grave internal threat", abuse them and threaten them more with the ever prompt CBI enquiry which has not been able to crack the bofors case so far (Oops! Did I mentioned it again?!)

Step 4: Cut basic amenities, electricity, water, gas and whatever (paid services) you promised to provide while shamelessly begging for votes (that once in five years occurrence)

Step 5: If all the above do not succeed, try death threats before actually killing the main rebel, after all don’t we know that to scatter the sheep all that you have to do is kill the shepherd?! And lay that “Nice” road and maybe charge a toll fees as well… all for the welfare of the country! Duh!


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