Friday, February 24, 2012

Take It

TWO: So have you been reading anything lately?!
Me: Not much, just those regular mags , classifieds and just for laugh sections.
TWO: So have you stopped writing then?!
Me: NO!
TWO: Then how do you write if you don't read?
Me: Whats the connection???
TWO: Writing is like a magician's hat... I have read, only when you put something in can you pull something out...
Me: Got it.

(Me and TWO walked to the nearest bookstore)



Dee........ said...

very true !
when we something or experience something we can WRITE on that.
But what about people who writes fictions ?

say people who are pioneers in writing about future ?
without any clue they will write with their imaginations :D
There are some exceptions like prodigies :D

VST said...

To create something out of something else... like writing about the future using words already created, the great "pioneers" only have re-created.
Imagine creating something out of nothing... now, that is when God comes in.