Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Thing or Two about Taxes

TWO: Why do we pay taxes?
Me: For our nation's development.
TWO: Can you be more specific when you say "nation"?
Me: Its you and me and the people around; the road, medical care, education et all.
TWO: So, its for human resource and infrastructural development within a particular invisible man-made boundary... right?!
Me: Perfectly put!
TWO: You pay for education and health for HRD and lay roads, telecom, transport et all for infrastructure development... right?
Me: Yes.
TWO: Hmm... Didn't you pay a hefty sum as school and college fees?
Me: Yes, but education is expensive yet not as high as they pay in private institutions.
TWO: Wasn't education supposed to be free especially if it is compulsory?... Now, haven't you paid the money demanded in private hospitals?
Me: Yeah... But then its not that expensive in government hospitals.
TWO: "Not that expensive" is a good line... so there is still a cost involved. However, then why weren't you there?!
Me: Well...
TWO: Aren't you all paying toll charges for the road(s) you travel on though you have already paid road tax, life tax, vehicle tax et all? Aren't you paying taxes on things you buy with an income that has already been taxed?
Me: Yeah right!
TWO: By the by, did you know that the total amount of black money deposited in foreign banks by Indians is estimated at 7,280,000 Crores and the total scam money in India is Rs. 73000000000000 and did you know that this too is a tax payer's money and if the government took some effort to bring these Gandhi notes in, we might actually be able to get tax holidays and be able to handle inflation easily(?); did you also know that each hour of functioning or rather non-functioning of the parliament costs Rs. 25 lakh, this would mean a loss of Rs. 2 crore on a day even when no business is transacted... add up every day our babus find a reason to not work than use the time to do some work... and now that too is tax payer's money. Besides your tax also pays the police who wait for thieves to fall into their hands, the navy who can't defend our fishermen, the airforce who have never used their flights, with no need to bomb, and we spend a whooping 41.3 Billion US$ on military when our expenditure on education is 11.45 Billion US$ and our per capita expenditure on health is about US$ 32 in India, while it is around US$ 4590 in rich countries (more than 140 times). We still have schools without blackboards and teachers and hospitals with no doctors and syringes and villages with no electricity so far... all this after almost six and a half decades of independence.
Me: (coughing)
TWO: And now... Why do we pay tax?!

Nanjappa, Vicky (31 March 2009). "Swiss black money can take India to the top". Retrieved 23 May 2011


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