Saturday, February 19, 2011

Heal The World

Its so strange when I wonder about the generation I live with (The next one after mine).

There was a phase when the one's who occupied this world had questions. Questions... questions after question, questions sans answers yet questions built upon questions and at times even questions questioning the questions. A generation of quests I must say. The drive, the fuel were those questions.

Then came the answers. The generation of solution seekers determined to leave every question left behind answered sans rot. The generation of seekers I must say. The fire, the guts to answer, the faith on truth some discovered and some invented.

Then followed the one's we are with today. After almost every question having been asked and almost all the answers given, the ones today are stuck with nothing to ask that hasn't been and nothing to seek that hasn't already been sought. Now they hang inbetween with everything given and with neither drive nor fire and neither fuel nor guts. Just hanging in there wasting their time in a fake, unclear, virtual fantasy almost blowing up in mists of thin air right against them.

When myth is high, science is low and vice versa... now, our great generation having nothing to prove living in a comfortable world of information pollution enjoying the smog of it in every inhalation. How wonderful?! And now they rest in their own misery of superstition, ritualistic traditions and eclectic philosophies and values that suits them... moment to moment. Changing everything they shit with something to fill in once again to stink once more.

Bottomline: Before you go and criticize the younger generation, just remember who raised them.” Author Anonymous