Monday, May 18, 2015

Why Corruption Is Good

Everything has a cost in the world today, everything is up for sale... cars, batteries, human lives
Womb to Tomb, everything is strained to the buyer for a quoted price
 Money and what it can do, can we sans despair realize its twining with civilization and its contribution to humanity

Corruption is what keeps things moving, guarantees speed and assures reaching us goods, services and everything inhuman (including humans) delivered with a smile in time
Corruption regulates government intrusion into market efficiency and ensures its regular functioning sans disruption

Corruption is man's protection against government's violation into his life directed and often guided within legal permit of the constitution 
Corruption helps us to walk safe and free instead of getting time to spend in prison for sins we never committed or perhaps did for which the mighty, lengthy (often confusing) hand of law might be used to frame, contain and restrain

Corruption is what helps us to jump lines, jump queues, jump traffic signals and jump taxes and if possible jump anything that comes our way
Corruption is what chooses the better equals amongst the rest of the lesser equals in a democracy
Corruptions helps decide who is right and who is wrong, who must stay and who must leave and in God-speed time if need be  

Corruption speeds things, clears paths, fixes roads, poles and tolls, restores faith and opens doors-even where we once thought there existed only a giant wall of bricks to bump our heads into
Corruption helps those that don't have a chance to win, with chances, to win

Corruption is what helps jump regulations that make no sense to you and I
Corruption makes everything accessible and available and opens up a world of opportunities with a carpet rolled till the offerer's feet's end 

Corruption can make the known unknown and the unknown known and makes it possible for facts to disappear without trace and to establish fallacies without doubt
Corruption can make the idiot look wise and the wise look like an idiot within a fraction of time

Corruption is how the farmer farms, the transporter moves, the merchant, the middle-men and the pimps in between make money over another man's labour, the seller sells, the buyer buys and you and I have food reach our tables in time

Corruption is what we have evolved to live by... Imagine a world without corruption... how disrupted would this world be otherwise?!

Hail Corruption! Hail Humanity!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Supreme Court Downs Its Hammer On PhD

Ahoy! Ahoy! Friends, Academicians and Country Men,

A recent Supreme Court ruling made wrt higher education. Am sure you would have already been informed yet sharing just in case.

After a recent judgment of the Supreme Court, candidates having got their PhD degrees prior to 2009 have been left with little chance of becoming a lecturer (assistant professor) in any college or university of the country.
The apex court has upheld the UGC regulations which provide for National Eligibility Test (NET) or State-Level Eligibility Test (SLET) or PhD as per UGC guidelines, 2009, as the essential qualification for lectureship.

For further reading:

Thus NET becomes the essential requirement pushing PhD as only an additional qualification.

Congrats NET holders!