Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mad Uncle Sam

The US of A has been boggling during the past couple of days with crimes committed against the blacks by the authoritatively armed whites... well, whats new?! The more reasonable and extremely rare sensible and reasonable American must have thought that things might be different now that America has a black president and white rapper for a change... well, how sadly disappointed they must be. With the ability of the American police going up to choke slam people to death and shoot children with toy guns to death, nothing has changed much and tensions did flare amongst people who went to the promised land to try their luck with lady liberty. Meanwhile, their president, their carefully selected leader and early bird Nobel peace prize winner Barrack was concerned about other things in life,  on the radio show 'On Air With Ryan Seacrest', he was worried about picking clothes for Christmas for his "fashionable" wife; he reportedly added, ""On Christmas Day, she will look at it and say 'That's very sweet honey...' and I never see her wear whatever I bought." Well, this is the point where I should reserve my comments and start puking.

Somehow meanwhile, one amongst the rarest of rarest few Americans who I had mentioned earlier, in an interesting twist of events, caught a black woman stealing 5 eggs from a shop. When he figured out that she had stolen the eggs as a last resort to feed her hungry family, he let her go with 7 more eggs in the basket paying for it from his pocket. Incidentally, decently, he was an American, a white and a police man too. Now there seems to be hope for even the dead on the ventilator.   

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Why Some Scream

Ever wondered why we scream and shout when with some people many times and in anger all the time? 
Perhaps that is how distant we feel from the person we are arguing with; and the loud noise is only an indicator of the distance we unconsciously feel while with them. We whisper and are comfortably silent and silently comfortable with people we love and are at ease with. 

Bridge the distance and keep that voice down if you please...

Zero This

"0 (zero)" is a number that fulfills a central role in mathematics as the additive identity of the integers, real numbers, and many other algebraic structures. The concept of zero as a number and not merely a symbol for separation is a discovery attributed to India, where, by the 9th century AD, practical calculations were carried out using zero. Indian scholar Pingala (circa 5th–2nd century BC) and his contemporary Indian scholars used the Sanskrit word sunya to refer to zero or void. In 498 AD, Indian mathematician and astronomer Aryabhata stated that "sthanat sthana? dasaguna? syat" i.e. "from place to place each is ten times the preceding," which is the origin of the modern decimal-based place value notation. The oldest known text to use a decimal place-value system, including a zero, is the Jain text from India entitled the Lokavibhâga, dated 458 AD, where shunya ("void" or "empty") was employed for this purpose.

Yet, even after knowing all this and for so long, why do we teach our kids, even in India to learn the number system like our white baboos knew beginning from 1, 2, 3, 4... instead of beginning with 0, 1, 2, 3, 4...?! Are we eternally cursed to remain under the white man's shadow?! How long?!

A Distant Dream From Frozen Memory

A thousand thoughts;
Not a single grounded.
A hundred dreams;
Not one anchored.

Floating like a feather yet
heavy as the anvil,
He stops to turn; to turn, to watch those lonely footprints 
in grains of memories wash away, with every gulping wave by the sea.

Amidst the restless waters and washed away traces,
images still in absolute resolute remains.
Passion vibrant and only known to he who sees,
though silent, still calm, triumphant over ruthless waves, slaveless it frees...

Dummies Guide to Win a Nobel Prize

Year 2009: Obama wins the Nobel "Peace" Prize and says he is "humbled" while a few chuckled and called it a "blunder"; yet, the optimists hushed the few cynics and asked them to wait and watch the difference he would make. 

And then...
Total 7: Number of countries attacked by the US during Obama's reign (so far) that includes: Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya and Syria
640 billion US$: Annual military expenditure of the US and that is just a staggering 39% of the total military expense of the world 
"I am really good at killing people" brags none other than Obama during the 2012 presidential campaign on his experiments with drones

Between Year 620 to 560 BC: Greek Fabulist Aesop writes in 'The Milkmaid and Her Pail', "Ah, my child," said the mother, "Do not count your chickens before they are hatched."

2014 (again): A few of US us are (still) laughing at the one's who give away those Nobel Prizes; and "hey Nobel guys, if you are listening, just keep one for Idi Amin, one for me and one for my Dad too if you have plenty of those." 

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Three Wise Men

These are days when we look around in dismay at politics, our politicians who can't be seen separate(d) from it and the political scenario in tote; the only politicians available today, fit snugly into the definition of politics when "poly" means 'many' and "tics" means 'a blood sucking parasite'. We hardly have a chance to make any sensible choice these days in a situation where in the name of majority sensible wishes just get heaped beneath a pile of less chosen minorities. Perhaps Pareto Principle works well here according to Murphy's Law for what must go wrong, to go wrong. Yet, yester-years did see some legends whose dedicated work of selflessness has given us a political foundation strong enough on which today's wobbly structure though shaky and weak still manages to carry on. These Three Men I present are very simple people who led a simple life with high thinking and why, oh why, I wonder don't we have people like this anymore...

Ex-CM of TN, Arignar Annadurai, was known for his literary intelligence and classing it up a bit. There are umpteen stories about instances when he delivered his mettle and this is my favourite: Once a kid when offered a candy, looked at Arignar and told him as a matter of fact, "Did you know Sir, that 'sugar' is the only word in English where 'S' is pronounced as 'Shu'?! Our man turned to the kid and without missing a moment asked, "Are you 'Sure'?! smiled and walked on having made his point...
Incidentally, his funeral entered the Guinness Book of World Records for having the highest number of attendees, a 15 million plus.

A rebel, a Communist and a legend, he holds the record for being the longest serving CM from 1977 to 2000 (23 plus years) until his retirement due to ill health; Mr. Jyoti Basu, one of the most loved politician from West Bengal, like in life, a giver, mentioned that his body even after death should be useful for the nation and pledged his body for medical research.
At a time when hideous masks of people who took one Rupee as salary is revealed as we sink our heads in shame, geniuses like this, leave this world literally giving their all and much, much more and above all a legacy of a good life to talk about with pride for the rest of us for a change... Laal Salaam!

Though a school dropout owing to poverty, he became the first to introduce the 'Mid-day meal scheme' so that lakhs of children attending school may have a decent meal atleast once a day; further, he initiated the distribution of free uniforms in schools so that children may learn without any class discrimination based upon the clothes they wear. Even the IIT in the state was introduced during his reign as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.
Even after being a CM for 9 years he was known as an extremely simple man full of integrity; after his death in 1975, all that he left behind was 130 rupees, 2 pairs of sandals, 4 shirts, 4 dhotis and a collection of books; yet, he has a a road in Chennai and another in Bangalore, the domestic airport in Chennai and an university in Madurai named after him; he was also awarded the Bharath Ratna in 1976. It is both refreshing and a delight to know that the people of my place (Nagercoil) voted him to power in their constituency during his last tenure; Mr. Kumarasami Kamaraj a.k.a the King-maker, will stand undefeated if he stands an election even today and will always remain victorious in our hearts...

The Unconquered

This poem, Invictus (The unconquered) from the late nineteenth century by William Earnest Henley, is supposed to be Mr. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela's favourite that kept him going while in the prison in Robben Island. This is a Man who spent 27 years of his life in dingy cells and hard labour, (when many of us would have cracked), just because he stood up for what he considered right. And well, he was.and he is...
May his soul R.I.P. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

A letter from a humble(d) Indian

Dear Rest of the World,

Its been a while I have been wanting to write to you. Been a while since I have been noticing how as one huge community in general, we belittle what we feel doesn't belong to us so much so that we take it for granted, like the ecology for instance and preserve and invest on what we think we owe like the economy for instance. Well, I intended to write not about the too-much-spoken already universal obvious yet a specific issue that bothers me from within the territorial borders of restrictions.

As a country, I have always witnessed that we export the the best of what we have; the best food we produce-grains, fruits, vegetables, butter and cream and what not?! Even the best fish we catch along our coasts we have always given you. Even at times when we gape with hapless awe at the size and quality of what is being caught, packed and boxed to be sent fresh, clean and as quick as possible to you, as we gather the left behind stray from rotting warehouses that we are expected to happy with or perhaps what our merchants consider us worthy of, we are happy for you. We take extra care in stitching the clothes, refining the sugar, tanning the leather, polishing those metals, stones you consider precious, sculptures and everything that you need or care with extra shine before we pack and send it across for you to hold and stare. Look around... even people we send from here are some of the best we had; the doctor, the nurse, the engineer, the teacher, the techie, the dancer, the musician, the singer, the clown, the scientist, the economist, the accountant, the writer, the people and every other professional now working for you. We have always been the slaves you wanted us to be; and you, we are made to consider our masters. Even the money made by hook and crook in our land, we have given it up to be stored in your land. We have even sat close and watched numbing pain, our people starve and even die as we loaded containers to fill your barracks; we smile even then and give you only the best... may be it is natural for us to do that cos our elders taught us so-to give the best we have to others even if it means to take the least of what is left for ourselves.

Well, when there is so much we do to take care of you like a pre-conditioned obligation of reminiscent master-worship by a slave, why in return do you always, every time you get a chance to sign a deal with us, extend a lousy hand?! Discarded cars rotting in your garage, poultry stinking in your cold storage, genetically modified seeds and fertilizers that kill our land, nuclear plants, poisonous gas, unreliable weapons for defense and unnecessary offence, even those pretentious food, drinks and people you send we near with dire suspicion. You send the illness and then too late the cure-both at equal costs we bear, you even chose to export your nuclear waste you consider too dangerous for you to be dumped in our coastal land... Why, oh why do you do this to us?! Godless people are you and heartless too; is it that your founding father's didn't teach you well?!

Get well soon I sincerely pray...

 A humble(d) Indian.

Friday, October 10, 2014

For The Lives Lost

Quick fact sheet of Tamil Nadu:

Total population of the state: 7.21 crores
Total number of death per day: 1501.26 per day (@ 7.6 crude death rate)

Additionally, thanks to the welfare state's contribution and continuous supply of alcohol to its people through its welfare initiative called TASMAC that plays a vital hand in keeping the (un)expected cause of death quite high:
Total number of people who die due to accidents per day in TN: 44.3 (Highest in India)
Total number of people who commit suicide per day in TN: 45.48 (Second highest in India)
Total number of people who are murdered per day in the state: 3.94
Thus, total number of people dying anyway per day in TN: 1594.98

Incidentally, TASMAC revenue crosses Rs. 21680.67 crores annually and TN happens to be the state that consumes the most amount of alcohol. What else then can one expect from a drunk population from a welfare state where its government considers it a moral obligation to supply alcohol to its people?!

Perungudi maganae.. aee... 
Naan kodukkattumaa.. adhai unakku 
koduththu edukkattumaa.. konjam enakku...

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Love on Facebook

People say all sort of things in the virtual world knowing that they get people to listen even if they don't accomplish that in the real world; they also seem to often forget and get carried away and at times manipulate knowing this fact. 
One day they announce that they are in love with someone, the next day they are head over heals in love with this one and let the world know it so loud that I wonder if they are checking if the world feels the same way about the person they are with ("Baaah! NO! the one you have chosen looks like an electrocuted crow to me if my honest comment does matter to you"); then the next week some more photos of them in tight embrace and when all these happen, I know that soon one can expect, "Oh my God! Never trust humans. They cheat, you know... blah, blah and blah..." (like they will change or probably they want us to think that dating a slimy green alien is their next plan). Then some more photos of them hanging out with more than one person of the opposite sex; doing stuff that perhaps they sacrificed for a while for the heck of the previous relationship-virtues like drinking, smoking, and anything else that end with a '....king'; this is the phase that humans recall as the 'let-me-stir-some-jealousy' in a desperation mode. More frustration and abuse follows about the person (they so far were madly in love with in an eternal relationship) on updates and then some clearance of their old notes and pics and presto! time for a new beginning. And, life goes on...
These patterns are way too obviously predictable and hence boring. Some of these relationships begin and end in Facebook updates and often exist just for these update's sake. 
Get well soon people! or atleast stop manipulating. Not every one watching is a fool. Duh!

Monday, June 30, 2014

On Sex, Women etc.

Three thoughts just crossed my mind...

1. On Sex: There are reports from India that state that religious groups as well as the ministry of health are for deliberating constraint in introducing decent levels of acceptable sex education in school and choosing abstinence over promoting condoms. (As usual), there is supposed unrest amongst some of the elite members of the civil society who are bold enough to reprimand this loud and clear and their jingling ensured to be heard within the limits of spaces they find comfortable and absolutely safe and hardly anywhere beyond the coffee tables where these discussions take place. Either way, there is noise regarding this factor always doing its rounds.

A few celebrities, who take time to speak something sensible and though provoking (once in a great while) on this issue mention that, humans think of sex quite frequently because evolution constantly compels them to be creative. The moment an Indian hops on to this delicious topic, s/he/it can't resist bringing in the concept of the Kamasutra like it was his/her/it's birthright to talk about it even if s/he/it has not seen a single page from it... duh! fyi, the Kamasutra maybe a handy book and is not a hand-book for sex for Indians and we all don't abide or a-bed by it. During one seminar on sex, I remember a person in the panel (who happened to be gay,) when asked by someone from the audience whether they use condoms during the act, reply without haste, "Would you eat the chocolate with the wrapper?!" Golden thoughts like these do emerge once in a while, still amidst these chuckles and often visualization, man and woman, both, ideally fantasize a good amount of their share of this creative world if thats the least they can do when they can't indulge. 
Whether the restrainers want to prevent or the liberals want laissez-faire, either way once again, whether personally one wants to refrain or indulge, humans just don't seem to find it easy to get the thought of sex out of their head (and their beds).

2. On Ugly: Of late I have been reading and viewing some terrifically horrific stories and images of unbelievable and unacceptable violence. This ranges from boko haram slicing heads of people they think are bringing in an aped-culture, bodo militants on the rampage, 10-year-old kids torturing a 3-year old child to death, maids abusing children left to their care of busy-parents who are too occupied to take care of them, gun-crazy kids turning their dad's weapon on children who would return that evening in a coffin to their parents, military abusing and stripping women in the name of searching them, raping them later and labeling anyone who resents or dissents this as 'grave internal threats and/or terrorists', war criminals who have shattered peace and harmony of thousands of families and an entire country being invited and treated with reverence by their more hideous neighbours... and all sorts of violence in the form of speech from religious to political pulpits and the irresponsible action that follows therewith and the one's who walk around without the slightest clue of these things happening around the world or perhaps don't care a damn even if they do. Life is cruel, evil and wicked too...    

3. On Women: Listening to the kind of complaints women have especially (during and after and before) pregnancy, is it just me or is there anyone else out there who thinks that they deserve better treatment(?!) Homes are ill-equipped to cater to their "needs"; they sure deserve a reservation to check into the nearest mental health clinic for better treatment to reach them... Some (most), at times, most times, don't deserve to be at home. 

p.s: Just noticed, its my thought about sex that seems to have consumed a lot of space in this post. No wonder they say, "Intelligence is anything that a Man thinks besides sex." No wonder...   

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Open Casket

There has been a lot of catching up to do w.r.t NEWS which after catching up, I'd rather not have bothered catching up in the first place. 

Bangalore has a hint of gloom all the time with the ghosts of the unnecessarily dead hanging around all the time and increasing day by day; some (esp. my wife) think it is not so. Just take these stats: 
1. Over 10 people have committed suicide int he city alone in the past 24hrs. Source:
2. Elderly abuse doubles and guess which city tops the list?! WooHoo(t)! Bangalore, yet again! Is there a need for a better stats to prove the culture of a place than what they say, is known by the way it treats its elders? Source: 
3. Based on last year's report, the city tops the list in the number of robbery and dacoity cases registered in the country, it also stood second in the number of reported cases of rape, kidnap and murder. Source: 
4. Then about the way this so called "civilized and progressive" city treats the vulnerable, the known, accounted and well-covered Meghala's death last year (AD 2013) should be good enough for a hint of the miserable ground reality. Source: 
5. Adding to this, over 200 garbage trucks return raising the stench in the already stinky city existing on false pride quite significantly. Source: 

This can go on and on and on... and I will still have another day's work to account the facts of this miserable place with absolutely no work ethics, values or the slightest trace of decency perhaps, that is why they try to drown these too in the viral pubs in the city with along with other miseries as well. To be honest, living in this place is like slipping into quicksand with leeches stuck to every part of the body as someone with a rehearsed-plastic-smile stands over you screwing a drill right into the centre of your head and well, gets paid to do that job and gets an extra bonus with a tip for holding the smile too. Here anything chaltha hai and I love this place like a prostitute loves the cops and I wish I had come here dead as I know I will never get out of here alive... 

Bangalore hates me and well, the feeling is nevertheless mutual. R.i.P. and so will I... 

Friday, June 6, 2014

An Antidote To Rape

Looking out of the car window while driving past the metropolitan whilst contemplating on the several posts in the internet that calls the country and its people "a bunch of prowling rapists who misbehave with anyone and everyone... a rape country," I looked around and watched people move free with short clothes that flew higher with stronger winds and viola! I had a strong feeling and wondered if the "dress" is what is to be actually blamed for rape being on the rise these days as everyone in the television, on the internet, the sidewalk and upon the tea-stall benches have been seriously concluding. Well yeah, everyone has been saying it and suddenly it hit me too... its all because of the clothes one wears that incidents of rape has been shooting up in my country. Why don't we all just agree?! 

Look at the men, all the bold, old and ugly alike, dangling their freedom in their boxers, some stopping to spray the electric post with the flick of their wrist that pulls their state-of-art pajamas down at their will and those satans of earth strolling around in their pink lungis... this is it! this is precisely the reason for rape as every tom, Dick, prick and harry have been talking about... the dress code that makes it easy for men to rape so conveniently. Perhaps men who see women as mobile targets must be forced to dress in layers and layers of clothing that will restrict their access to their free will(y) till a point where he can hardly get out when aroused nevertheless spray a post at his will. The world will surely be a safer and a much cleaner place to live in. 

Yeah right, its all in the clothes. All one's got to do is turn the tables now... right?!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

So How Far Are You From Home?!

Politics... organizational politics, dirty politics; where cheap, slimy, worthless slithering reptiles crawl; understanding well that they will be unfit to exist anywhere else. Given space, most work hard on trying to figure out how not to work instead of finding ways to work; if only they would invest their time to boost their productivity...

Lesser said, it is not less often that I wonder how interesting life would be if it were a little slower like in the good old days of my great granddad who perhaps toiled in the fields and the sweat at the end of the day would do to show the work rather than some silly result from an administered performance appraisal; and when HR management was seen by the way people would drop in the next day at the door for work even without having to sign a lumpy contract; and the care shown by the grandma who would make the snacks and tea for their break-time munch was seen as good enough to retain the proletariat rather than a carrot at the end of the stick the management holds out to the ever-greedy, ever-needy generation today that tries to grab it till the end of their career-precisely the way it was intended to be.

Today, I look at the speed at which the world runs for my children and am unsurprizingly amazed. A father who goes to work early and too busy focusing on what to do when he gets there that the morning drifts off just as early as it started; by late evening he gets back and with saddles of work removed after running around like a panting labour-horse,  hardly finds the strength or the energy to hug his kids; The mother who gets to know all about the dirtier side of the world through the little window of the apartment and the newspaper that is thrown in through it and who quite understandably protects the children like a jailer protects his territory; The children who perhaps made no mistake to be born in this God-forsaken, devil-breeding, "I-Hate-This" place that makes me wonder... "Why the f*$k am I here?!" in the first place.

Just as a friend to many, is a friend to none, a place that belongs to everybody belongs to none. This mixed feeling of purposelessness to exist in a particular place is often shadowed by our unjustified reason to blame it on the future of the kids which we seldom realize is destroyed rather than created. It is tempting to say, "Home sweet home is the answer"... yet again, too far and hardly reached, with identities changed and hardly recognized, home too is redefined as the place where one finds love is... It is our greed, greed for power, status, recognition, and to run-away and start fresh as a stranger in a distant land, to be free and feel liberated that makes us lose more than we could possibly gain and to end up earning to go back from where we started even if it has to begin right from the scratch. And at times, a pragmatic reminder of reality and a shaken yet not stirred dash of utopia with a sprinkle of idealism is all the concoction one needs to stay dazed in a busy, pointless world; nothing matters any more and life is just a drag to bear till the end of the grave...

Friday, April 4, 2014

On Politics And Other Related Nonsense

With election fever on the rise, opinion polls forecast, people and their opinion about parties echoing around and politicians blazing their never-to-keep promises, I just wonder, if how or who rules has any affect on me or my life...
1. Has it helped reduce my taxes (though I keep cribbing that a multiple tax system is a sign of failure of a system and is never an alternate moral replacement for money lost in war, scams and fraud otherwise)?(!) or
2. Prevented the toll charges I pay to take a road that is supposed to be already constructed in the infrastructure expenses for which they say my taxes are collected?(!) or
3. Rendered free and available-for-all quality education and health facilities in my so called "welfare" state instead of taking interest and control over state-owned liquor shops?(!)
4. Has it improved the safety and quality and reduced the cost of taking public transport?(!) or nevertheless, has it reduced my registration and stamp duties when I want to buy or sell property?(!)
5. Are my women and children safe and does the police and military safeguard them or are they still free to abuse the ones they are supposed to protect under the protective cover of state and centre-provided uniforms?(!)
6. Do court cases find an end so that I may atleast have some reconciliation to shift focus from my suburban drudgery and chronic dissatisfaction rising out of realizing the giant failure of other systems?(!) or is it still going to take generations to see the end?(!) well, that is, if my files are lucky enough and don't get buried before me?(!)
7. Has it improved the dignity of labour or has it provided security for jobs and lives or encouraged unions without calling them names or labeling them as 'grave internal threats'?(!)
8. Is the air I breathe and water I need safe or are nuclear power-stations built to show strength even if it is over the dead bodies of people who ask for safety and sustainable living?(!)
9. Once you (no matter who) come to power how is it that I am made to feel so powerless and I get to realize the true 'you' and the fool 'me'(every time) and the same story continues with a new name under the old and familiar cap?(!)
And now, even if under the influence of drugs and a drum-roll, hyper-ventilated chorus singing praises of politicians and their family and mass hysteria, do you really think that I care a damn (or a reason to feel otherwise) who or how this country is ruled?(!)
Raaman aandalum Raavanan aandalum... enak'Oru kavalai illay 

Monday, March 31, 2014

And I Wrote

One day I wrote:
We have become domesticated mammals of consent... succumbing to threats and lashes of those higher in power who oppress and control us to derive what they think is best (for them); to survive for our own reasons of mutual selfishness. We have learnt to stand around and watch others get crushed sans remorse nor a single twitch-shamelessly we remain unmoved-the greatest gift we give the perpetrators and abusers who flash that sly smile right on our faces at the power of our silent yet willful consent.
We have learnt to disunite in false pretentious claims of being strong, united and clothed amidst our scrambling to lie covered in the tattered, patterned and stitched fabric of nudity. We have learnt to lie flat on command, face on the ground, in humble submission and to hold our breath when a few others trample upon our head as we give up a fight for dignity, peace and respect in common grounds just to survive another day. We forget to fight that last fight that would give life a meaning... a reason worthy to live or die.
Pouring several deaths to that single soul in a lifetime, all we want to do is spinelessly crawl; crawl spinelessly and survive, taking examples of those crawling in swarms besides us, wishing upon wish to find a life eternal in the terminal of life, on tumbling boxes we stand holding on to the precious air-so thin-from above, on tumbling boxes we stand to die together on crumbling boxes we stand...

Again I wrote:
The more the trials, the nicer you get.
The nicer you get, the more the temptations.
The more the temptations, the more the patience.
The more the patience, the more the trials.

Even if the shores want to rest, the waves do not cease to disturb;
Even if the trees want to rest, the winds do not cease to disturb,
No matter how hard you run and hide, life does not cease to find you either... C'est la vie...

Yet again I wrote:
One day, lest one day, not our vice of blindness yet our virtue of patience and forgiveness that is going to be blamed for the abhorred silence of our inaction, selfishness and cowardice towards the monstrous growth of injustice, crime and evil around us. 
Today, you are silent because it is happening to me, tomorrow I shall be silent when it happens to you and after that we shall be silent when it happens to the rest of the world... and live in peace if that is what peace is all about...
“What luck for rulers that men do not think. The receptivity of the masses is very limited, their intelligence is small, but their power of forgetting is enormous." Adolf Hitler
Let the Gods and Goddesses (if any or in absentia) save the world cos' the rest of us don't even care... Duh!

and wrote:
Sometimes, words just don't make any sense...

Friday, February 21, 2014

By and By

When everyone is moving will I in stillness stand and motionless watch?
When everything moves besides and around would I not drift along too?
Should my movement be based on the movement around?!
If that is what moves me, am I really moving?
And is it worth the move?

What if I in stillness do stand and watch?
What does it take to stand still, hold still and be still?
Peace?! Aloofness?! Lack of normality?! Death (perhaps)!
Is it abnormality or spirituality? Is there a difference?! 
What is wrong when everything seems right when judgement is laid to rest?

Would I just hold on to peace and stillness and understand what I am moving towards if I don't move at all?
Or perhaps, be moved towards where I need to go soon after?
Do I really want to move? Or have to? Or perhaps need to?

When I look around do I forget to look within?
When I am lost do I forget to look above?
Am I fearless or courageless now?
Am I a wonderer or a wanderer now?

Let these racing thoughts in the troubling mind that I carry-the curse and the blessing-till I live, till I die...
Stop for a while... a little while, so that I may light it right-one more time... for I have unsong songs and unsaid words and unlettered thoughts too to bring to life. These that dwell I try to catch from vacant space-some that come, some so light and all that drifts past by...

Mind, oh, mind! Never mind... I just need some space to reach the pace to catch those thoughts as they drift by in my horizon-where there is no leader, no slave, no oppressor, and with nothing to suppress neither anything to express-just the feeling of bliss, ecstasy and mystery shroud every sinew-just the simple idea of being empty, thoughtless and connected-though alone-in harmony with the rest of the universe... why walk I when I can fly?!

Until then, don't wake me... this is not a slumber...