Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mad Uncle Sam

The US of A has been boggling during the past couple of days with crimes committed against the blacks by the authoritatively armed whites... well, whats new?! The more reasonable and extremely rare sensible and reasonable American must have thought that things might be different now that America has a black president and white rapper for a change... well, how sadly disappointed they must be. With the ability of the American police going up to choke slam people to death and shoot children with toy guns to death, nothing has changed much and tensions did flare amongst people who went to the promised land to try their luck with lady liberty. Meanwhile, their president, their carefully selected leader and early bird Nobel peace prize winner Barrack was concerned about other things in life,  on the radio show 'On Air With Ryan Seacrest', he was worried about picking clothes for Christmas for his "fashionable" wife; he reportedly added, ""On Christmas Day, she will look at it and say 'That's very sweet honey...' and I never see her wear whatever I bought." Well, this is the point where I should reserve my comments and start puking.

Somehow meanwhile, one amongst the rarest of rarest few Americans who I had mentioned earlier, in an interesting twist of events, caught a black woman stealing 5 eggs from a shop. When he figured out that she had stolen the eggs as a last resort to feed her hungry family, he let her go with 7 more eggs in the basket paying for it from his pocket. Incidentally, decently, he was an American, a white and a police man too. Now there seems to be hope for even the dead on the ventilator.   


Anonymous said...

Hey there owner of Great site. I think you should be little more strict with the comments.

Ajith Fredjeev Dinakarlal said...

So they say... Thank you :)