Sunday, December 14, 2014

A letter from a humble(d) Indian

Dear Rest of the World,

Its been a while I have been wanting to write to you. Been a while since I have been noticing how as one huge community in general, we belittle what we feel doesn't belong to us so much so that we take it for granted, like the ecology for instance and preserve and invest on what we think we owe like the economy for instance. Well, I intended to write not about the too-much-spoken already universal obvious yet a specific issue that bothers me from within the territorial borders of restrictions.

As a country, I have always witnessed that we export the the best of what we have; the best food we produce-grains, fruits, vegetables, butter and cream and what not?! Even the best fish we catch along our coasts we have always given you. Even at times when we gape with hapless awe at the size and quality of what is being caught, packed and boxed to be sent fresh, clean and as quick as possible to you, as we gather the left behind stray from rotting warehouses that we are expected to happy with or perhaps what our merchants consider us worthy of, we are happy for you. We take extra care in stitching the clothes, refining the sugar, tanning the leather, polishing those metals, stones you consider precious, sculptures and everything that you need or care with extra shine before we pack and send it across for you to hold and stare. Look around... even people we send from here are some of the best we had; the doctor, the nurse, the engineer, the teacher, the techie, the dancer, the musician, the singer, the clown, the scientist, the economist, the accountant, the writer, the people and every other professional now working for you. We have always been the slaves you wanted us to be; and you, we are made to consider our masters. Even the money made by hook and crook in our land, we have given it up to be stored in your land. We have even sat close and watched numbing pain, our people starve and even die as we loaded containers to fill your barracks; we smile even then and give you only the best... may be it is natural for us to do that cos our elders taught us so-to give the best we have to others even if it means to take the least of what is left for ourselves.

Well, when there is so much we do to take care of you like a pre-conditioned obligation of reminiscent master-worship by a slave, why in return do you always, every time you get a chance to sign a deal with us, extend a lousy hand?! Discarded cars rotting in your garage, poultry stinking in your cold storage, genetically modified seeds and fertilizers that kill our land, nuclear plants, poisonous gas, unreliable weapons for defense and unnecessary offence, even those pretentious food, drinks and people you send we near with dire suspicion. You send the illness and then too late the cure-both at equal costs we bear, you even chose to export your nuclear waste you consider too dangerous for you to be dumped in our coastal land... Why, oh why do you do this to us?! Godless people are you and heartless too; is it that your founding father's didn't teach you well?!

Get well soon I sincerely pray...

 A humble(d) Indian.

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