Thursday, December 31, 2015

Evolution of Evolution

The proposed idea of evolution and its stages by Uncle Darwin (Evolution as such...)

The Later Idea in Motion

The stage of the Worker (survival of the fittest, domestication, mutation due to environmental pressure among the species)

The stage of the married Man (pangenesis, gradualism and common descent among hominids and primates)

My idea at the end of the day (Truism)

P.S: Thanks Uncle Darwin for making everything so simple

Thursday, December 10, 2015

My Name Is

When I was young and as soon as my folks taught me how to communicate, I thought my name was always, "NO!"

When I grew up and was educated in conformity by my teachers, I thought my name was almost always, "DON'T!"

Now that I have grown up to be an adult who has learnt to live in a barricade of systems, paying multiple taxes in various forms to a Government elected to power to take care of the welfare of my people and me-who I may question otherwise by the power vested upon me by the constitution, I begin to realize that my name is, "SHUT UP!"

"C'est la vie" I suppose...