Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rape Of Mother India

This here is a classic painting of the legendary Maqbool Fida Husain, the artist. This particular piece of art where you can see 2 bulls ravaging a child and the mother with a spear like line running through with droplets, suggests Mother India's fate being torn between the political parties via corruption, lack of growth and infrastructure, scams and so on and so forth and everything we are famous for; the Mother simply is not able to escape this horror as the child (India) barely retains its cling on her. The spear shedding that droplets shows the painters frustration and anger in the situation where he has added a line-like-spear that sheds droplets... this could be blood, tears, sweat, water... just anything you want to fill in with; probably that droplet, those droplets that finally manages to squeeze from us after the mad people who rape our country have taken all they can from us. This is a classic that shows the helplessness of rape and the agony of the people who are caught in this power struggle. Being self-critical before others mock at us and shame us, wouldn't it be ideal to stop and think, if this wouldn't be the ideal picture to depict what the country is going through at present with all the scams, corruption, price hikes (esp. petrol), Rupee's plunge, cover-up politics, silencing-counter-politics, poor performance at the UN, shameful heads hanging in the human rights courts... and everything and everything more you can add to the list till the line runs through you like the spear to squeeze those final drops. Once again as good things go, this picture too got into a controversy following its title... "The Rape Of India." What else can you name it?! R.I.P Hussainji.

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