Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Unknown

The unknown is actually not quite unknown. The shiny black rock did fascinate me and so did the moss and grass etched around it. The "unknown" crumble of rusted iron lying wasted is actually a spool for iron wires to connect a cable car that is used to carry dead tigers in a tiger conservation project in Kalakkad, Tamil Nadu that houses Asia's largest tiger... little known fact right?! Behold, the power of the unknown! Anyways, got some rich colours into my lenses again...  


Fictitious Fashion said...

Nicely said!!
I was quite intrigued by your comment in one of the blogs where you said.. 'you'll give it a pass.. tragic attire"
that made me laugh!! not everyone has the guts to say the they want to 'seem nice' and attract followers.. you didn't! That's nice!

Maybe you have time to read my New Post is up- Everything's New: Lots of Surprises


VST said...

@Fictious Fashion: Thanks for accepting things as they are. Calling a spade a spade is easy as it is the truth. Glad you were able to take it... that is not easy and I appreciate it. Once again I did visit your blog and everything seemed messed up. So let me know when it is ready and I shall surely get there... all the best.