Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Mask Series III

This mask is a tribal mask made entirely of clay. Had a tough time installing it in my wall as it is long and heavy. However, there is only a part of it visible in this click as I made a deliberate attempt to show people that only a part of our tribal instincts are still intact just like this. In the process of becoming a fast-growing tribe in the virtual world, our tribal instincts for closeness, gregariousness and warmth in the real world has slowly started to fade. Though we are losing our identity in the real world, our virtual identities are becoming more masked, more shelled and more fake... sometimes to such an extent that I wonder who is the real me? Is it the one that I reveal or the one I take so much effort to conceal? Who am I(?) trying so hard to belong to a tribe when I believe that I am already part of it?! 
These damned masks... 

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