Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Children Around The World

These are children in Thailand I clicked during a trip there. This was supposed to be a community affected by the tsunami. "So what?!" they seem to ask as they dwell in their innocence. Wish someone would ask me to go around the world clicking children and I would at the drop of a hat. Anyways, while working with sexually-abused children in the Philippines, a country where abuse of such kind was rampant... thanks to lousy, busy parents whose money-making and other selfish priorities were so high that they often never realized the neglect their children were subjected to until too late, it was quite easy to identify a child who was possibly sexually abused by looking at them once (the tell-tale signs would all be there, written quite evidently that one can't miss them after working with them for quite some time). This easiness to profile was getting quite uneasy within soon when a crowd had one too many. More uneasy it was when I realized that though secretly rampant, how helpless some children were in India subjected to sexual abuse in the hands of people they trust the most, with nowhere to run nor hide and not very often, if at all they come out with the truth, subjected to ridicule and malicious treatment yet again that they neither deserve not desire. Thus the silence though yet it moves. Thats when you find comfort in watching wonderful parenting and safe, secure, confident and happy children.       

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