Monday, June 30, 2014

On Sex, Women etc.

Three thoughts just crossed my mind...

1. On Sex: There are reports from India that state that religious groups as well as the ministry of health are for deliberating constraint in introducing decent levels of acceptable sex education in school and choosing abstinence over promoting condoms. (As usual), there is supposed unrest amongst some of the elite members of the civil society who are bold enough to reprimand this loud and clear and their jingling ensured to be heard within the limits of spaces they find comfortable and absolutely safe and hardly anywhere beyond the coffee tables where these discussions take place. Either way, there is noise regarding this factor always doing its rounds.

A few celebrities, who take time to speak something sensible and though provoking (once in a great while) on this issue mention that, humans think of sex quite frequently because evolution constantly compels them to be creative. The moment an Indian hops on to this delicious topic, s/he/it can't resist bringing in the concept of the Kamasutra like it was his/her/it's birthright to talk about it even if s/he/it has not seen a single page from it... duh! fyi, the Kamasutra maybe a handy book and is not a hand-book for sex for Indians and we all don't abide or a-bed by it. During one seminar on sex, I remember a person in the panel (who happened to be gay,) when asked by someone from the audience whether they use condoms during the act, reply without haste, "Would you eat the chocolate with the wrapper?!" Golden thoughts like these do emerge once in a while, still amidst these chuckles and often visualization, man and woman, both, ideally fantasize a good amount of their share of this creative world if thats the least they can do when they can't indulge. 
Whether the restrainers want to prevent or the liberals want laissez-faire, either way once again, whether personally one wants to refrain or indulge, humans just don't seem to find it easy to get the thought of sex out of their head (and their beds).

2. On Ugly: Of late I have been reading and viewing some terrifically horrific stories and images of unbelievable and unacceptable violence. This ranges from boko haram slicing heads of people they think are bringing in an aped-culture, bodo militants on the rampage, 10-year-old kids torturing a 3-year old child to death, maids abusing children left to their care of busy-parents who are too occupied to take care of them, gun-crazy kids turning their dad's weapon on children who would return that evening in a coffin to their parents, military abusing and stripping women in the name of searching them, raping them later and labeling anyone who resents or dissents this as 'grave internal threats and/or terrorists', war criminals who have shattered peace and harmony of thousands of families and an entire country being invited and treated with reverence by their more hideous neighbours... and all sorts of violence in the form of speech from religious to political pulpits and the irresponsible action that follows therewith and the one's who walk around without the slightest clue of these things happening around the world or perhaps don't care a damn even if they do. Life is cruel, evil and wicked too...    

3. On Women: Listening to the kind of complaints women have especially (during and after and before) pregnancy, is it just me or is there anyone else out there who thinks that they deserve better treatment(?!) Homes are ill-equipped to cater to their "needs"; they sure deserve a reservation to check into the nearest mental health clinic for better treatment to reach them... Some (most), at times, most times, don't deserve to be at home. 

p.s: Just noticed, its my thought about sex that seems to have consumed a lot of space in this post. No wonder they say, "Intelligence is anything that a Man thinks besides sex." No wonder...   

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Open Casket

There has been a lot of catching up to do w.r.t NEWS which after catching up, I'd rather not have bothered catching up in the first place. 

Bangalore has a hint of gloom all the time with the ghosts of the unnecessarily dead hanging around all the time and increasing day by day; some (esp. my wife) think it is not so. Just take these stats: 
1. Over 10 people have committed suicide int he city alone in the past 24hrs. Source:
2. Elderly abuse doubles and guess which city tops the list?! WooHoo(t)! Bangalore, yet again! Is there a need for a better stats to prove the culture of a place than what they say, is known by the way it treats its elders? Source: 
3. Based on last year's report, the city tops the list in the number of robbery and dacoity cases registered in the country, it also stood second in the number of reported cases of rape, kidnap and murder. Source: 
4. Then about the way this so called "civilized and progressive" city treats the vulnerable, the known, accounted and well-covered Meghala's death last year (AD 2013) should be good enough for a hint of the miserable ground reality. Source: 
5. Adding to this, over 200 garbage trucks return raising the stench in the already stinky city existing on false pride quite significantly. Source: 

This can go on and on and on... and I will still have another day's work to account the facts of this miserable place with absolutely no work ethics, values or the slightest trace of decency perhaps, that is why they try to drown these too in the viral pubs in the city with along with other miseries as well. To be honest, living in this place is like slipping into quicksand with leeches stuck to every part of the body as someone with a rehearsed-plastic-smile stands over you screwing a drill right into the centre of your head and well, gets paid to do that job and gets an extra bonus with a tip for holding the smile too. Here anything chaltha hai and I love this place like a prostitute loves the cops and I wish I had come here dead as I know I will never get out of here alive... 

Bangalore hates me and well, the feeling is nevertheless mutual. R.i.P. and so will I... 

Friday, June 6, 2014

An Antidote To Rape

Looking out of the car window while driving past the metropolitan whilst contemplating on the several posts in the internet that calls the country and its people "a bunch of prowling rapists who misbehave with anyone and everyone... a rape country," I looked around and watched people move free with short clothes that flew higher with stronger winds and viola! I had a strong feeling and wondered if the "dress" is what is to be actually blamed for rape being on the rise these days as everyone in the television, on the internet, the sidewalk and upon the tea-stall benches have been seriously concluding. Well yeah, everyone has been saying it and suddenly it hit me too... its all because of the clothes one wears that incidents of rape has been shooting up in my country. Why don't we all just agree?! 

Look at the men, all the bold, old and ugly alike, dangling their freedom in their boxers, some stopping to spray the electric post with the flick of their wrist that pulls their state-of-art pajamas down at their will and those satans of earth strolling around in their pink lungis... this is it! this is precisely the reason for rape as every tom, Dick, prick and harry have been talking about... the dress code that makes it easy for men to rape so conveniently. Perhaps men who see women as mobile targets must be forced to dress in layers and layers of clothing that will restrict their access to their free will(y) till a point where he can hardly get out when aroused nevertheless spray a post at his will. The world will surely be a safer and a much cleaner place to live in. 

Yeah right, its all in the clothes. All one's got to do is turn the tables now... right?!