Friday, June 6, 2014

An Antidote To Rape

Looking out of the car window while driving past the metropolitan whilst contemplating on the several posts in the internet that calls the country and its people "a bunch of prowling rapists who misbehave with anyone and everyone... a rape country," I looked around and watched people move free with short clothes that flew higher with stronger winds and viola! I had a strong feeling and wondered if the "dress" is what is to be actually blamed for rape being on the rise these days as everyone in the television, on the internet, the sidewalk and upon the tea-stall benches have been seriously concluding. Well yeah, everyone has been saying it and suddenly it hit me too... its all because of the clothes one wears that incidents of rape has been shooting up in my country. Why don't we all just agree?! 

Look at the men, all the bold, old and ugly alike, dangling their freedom in their boxers, some stopping to spray the electric post with the flick of their wrist that pulls their state-of-art pajamas down at their will and those satans of earth strolling around in their pink lungis... this is it! this is precisely the reason for rape as every tom, Dick, prick and harry have been talking about... the dress code that makes it easy for men to rape so conveniently. Perhaps men who see women as mobile targets must be forced to dress in layers and layers of clothing that will restrict their access to their free will(y) till a point where he can hardly get out when aroused nevertheless spray a post at his will. The world will surely be a safer and a much cleaner place to live in. 

Yeah right, its all in the clothes. All one's got to do is turn the tables now... right?!

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