Friday, October 10, 2014

For The Lives Lost

Quick fact sheet of Tamil Nadu:

Total population of the state: 7.21 crores
Total number of death per day: 1501.26 per day (@ 7.6 crude death rate)

Additionally, thanks to the welfare state's contribution and continuous supply of alcohol to its people through its welfare initiative called TASMAC that plays a vital hand in keeping the (un)expected cause of death quite high:
Total number of people who die due to accidents per day in TN: 44.3 (Highest in India)
Total number of people who commit suicide per day in TN: 45.48 (Second highest in India)
Total number of people who are murdered per day in the state: 3.94
Thus, total number of people dying anyway per day in TN: 1594.98

Incidentally, TASMAC revenue crosses Rs. 21680.67 crores annually and TN happens to be the state that consumes the most amount of alcohol. What else then can one expect from a drunk population from a welfare state where its government considers it a moral obligation to supply alcohol to its people?!

Perungudi maganae.. aee... 
Naan kodukkattumaa.. adhai unakku 
koduththu edukkattumaa.. konjam enakku...

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