Thursday, July 3, 2014

Love on Facebook

People say all sort of things in the virtual world knowing that they get people to listen even if they don't accomplish that in the real world; they also seem to often forget and get carried away and at times manipulate knowing this fact. 
One day they announce that they are in love with someone, the next day they are head over heals in love with this one and let the world know it so loud that I wonder if they are checking if the world feels the same way about the person they are with ("Baaah! NO! the one you have chosen looks like an electrocuted crow to me if my honest comment does matter to you"); then the next week some more photos of them in tight embrace and when all these happen, I know that soon one can expect, "Oh my God! Never trust humans. They cheat, you know... blah, blah and blah..." (like they will change or probably they want us to think that dating a slimy green alien is their next plan). Then some more photos of them hanging out with more than one person of the opposite sex; doing stuff that perhaps they sacrificed for a while for the heck of the previous relationship-virtues like drinking, smoking, and anything else that end with a '....king'; this is the phase that humans recall as the 'let-me-stir-some-jealousy' in a desperation mode. More frustration and abuse follows about the person (they so far were madly in love with in an eternal relationship) on updates and then some clearance of their old notes and pics and presto! time for a new beginning. And, life goes on...
These patterns are way too obviously predictable and hence boring. Some of these relationships begin and end in Facebook updates and often exist just for these update's sake. 
Get well soon people! or atleast stop manipulating. Not every one watching is a fool. Duh!

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