Friday, February 21, 2014

By and By

When everyone is moving will I in stillness stand and motionless watch?
When everything moves besides and around would I not drift along too?
Should my movement be based on the movement around?!
If that is what moves me, am I really moving?
And is it worth the move?

What if I in stillness do stand and watch?
What does it take to stand still, hold still and be still?
Peace?! Aloofness?! Lack of normality?! Death (perhaps)!
Is it abnormality or spirituality? Is there a difference?! 
What is wrong when everything seems right when judgement is laid to rest?

Would I just hold on to peace and stillness and understand what I am moving towards if I don't move at all?
Or perhaps, be moved towards where I need to go soon after?
Do I really want to move? Or have to? Or perhaps need to?

When I look around do I forget to look within?
When I am lost do I forget to look above?
Am I fearless or courageless now?
Am I a wonderer or a wanderer now?

Let these racing thoughts in the troubling mind that I carry-the curse and the blessing-till I live, till I die...
Stop for a while... a little while, so that I may light it right-one more time... for I have unsong songs and unsaid words and unlettered thoughts too to bring to life. These that dwell I try to catch from vacant space-some that come, some so light and all that drifts past by...

Mind, oh, mind! Never mind... I just need some space to reach the pace to catch those thoughts as they drift by in my horizon-where there is no leader, no slave, no oppressor, and with nothing to suppress neither anything to express-just the feeling of bliss, ecstasy and mystery shroud every sinew-just the simple idea of being empty, thoughtless and connected-though alone-in harmony with the rest of the universe... why walk I when I can fly?!

Until then, don't wake me... this is not a slumber...

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