Monday, March 31, 2014

And I Wrote

One day I wrote:
We have become domesticated mammals of consent... succumbing to threats and lashes of those higher in power who oppress and control us to derive what they think is best (for them); to survive for our own reasons of mutual selfishness. We have learnt to stand around and watch others get crushed sans remorse nor a single twitch-shamelessly we remain unmoved-the greatest gift we give the perpetrators and abusers who flash that sly smile right on our faces at the power of our silent yet willful consent.
We have learnt to disunite in false pretentious claims of being strong, united and clothed amidst our scrambling to lie covered in the tattered, patterned and stitched fabric of nudity. We have learnt to lie flat on command, face on the ground, in humble submission and to hold our breath when a few others trample upon our head as we give up a fight for dignity, peace and respect in common grounds just to survive another day. We forget to fight that last fight that would give life a meaning... a reason worthy to live or die.
Pouring several deaths to that single soul in a lifetime, all we want to do is spinelessly crawl; crawl spinelessly and survive, taking examples of those crawling in swarms besides us, wishing upon wish to find a life eternal in the terminal of life, on tumbling boxes we stand holding on to the precious air-so thin-from above, on tumbling boxes we stand to die together on crumbling boxes we stand...

Again I wrote:
The more the trials, the nicer you get.
The nicer you get, the more the temptations.
The more the temptations, the more the patience.
The more the patience, the more the trials.

Even if the shores want to rest, the waves do not cease to disturb;
Even if the trees want to rest, the winds do not cease to disturb,
No matter how hard you run and hide, life does not cease to find you either... C'est la vie...

Yet again I wrote:
One day, lest one day, not our vice of blindness yet our virtue of patience and forgiveness that is going to be blamed for the abhorred silence of our inaction, selfishness and cowardice towards the monstrous growth of injustice, crime and evil around us. 
Today, you are silent because it is happening to me, tomorrow I shall be silent when it happens to you and after that we shall be silent when it happens to the rest of the world... and live in peace if that is what peace is all about...
“What luck for rulers that men do not think. The receptivity of the masses is very limited, their intelligence is small, but their power of forgetting is enormous." Adolf Hitler
Let the Gods and Goddesses (if any or in absentia) save the world cos' the rest of us don't even care... Duh!

and wrote:
Sometimes, words just don't make any sense...

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