Saturday, February 11, 2012

Why Does Gandhi Still Smile?!

Tamil Nadu complains of power cuts. Not those regular cuts which lasts for 2 hours that the urban rich don't bother about; these are those cuts where the electricity lasts for just 2 hours with the frequency and the timing unannounced and unknown; especially in the 3 southern districts Tirunelveli, Thoothukudi and Kanyakumari. Reason: Accept Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant (Which the people have objected siting safety concerns) or suffer.

Many commissions have come with pre-typed reports sanctioning its safety from the central-level and the greatest betrayer being the president who asked us to dream... yeah, dream on. These commissions will keep rolling in till the will of the people get crushed, the fighters against this get crushed along with it and the government runs the plant over the dead bodies of people who object it.

Now why all this kolaveri?!
1. The plant basically hangs on the tip off the coast and news reports claimed that the walls had "just" cracked during the tsunami... wow! how safe!
2. There is absolutely no protection for people especially the fishermen who are frequently attacked by the neighbouring island-nation (who by the by, got our solemn support to destroy one of its "grave internal threats" recently yet we "must" believe that the congress nor the family which runs it had any reason for ensuring revenge). We have no navy, nothing to protect our coasts or the people who use the coastline for livelihood. In the event of an attack from some crouching tigers and hidden dragons, this time from the South instead of the usual North, we will watch like total muffs the plant as well the entire Southern blow into smithers (which the Northern-political arena cares a damn about anyway) to regret later. We will be probably left with dead bodies to cry for dead bodies.
3. The ghost of the previous national tragedy in Bhopal has taken so many years and yet we have delayed and deprived justice... what bloody nerve do these toppied mongrels have, to push one more endeavour against the will of the people with this kind of demonstrated efficiency?
4. Democracy means for the people, by the people and of the people, why this bitchy plant when it destroys the very essence of democracy?
5. Do we really have to show that we have enough nuclear power plants running in our country to keep our upscale hideous nuclear power status even if it has to be built upon the dead bodies of those who protest against it and brush the dirt of our inefficency to curb real issues like political vandalism, diplomatic nepotism, caste favouritism, family-run politics, theft and crime from the parliament running into the stinky streets, misleading media and gross human rights violation happening at every nook and corner of our great country? Why are the hungry getting killed instead of hunger? Why are the poor getting killed instead of poverty? Why does Gandhi still smile in our currency notes watching all these corrupt minds in political suits and behind bureaucratic tables whose palms have to be buttered with cash to get them to do the things they have to even otherwise, every time, every single time?

Now who to go to for justice?

1. We have an amma at the state who did not miss a chance to nick name the previous government "min-vettu arasu" (power-cut government) and now how well does she (the almighty) fare?!
2. We may rush to the government again ruled by a step-amma who wears the mask of a prime minister in silence mode who instigates this abuse in the first place and so what's the point?!

Now for the equation:
1. We elect the AIADMK + BJP (the alliance at the state, presently ruling) = we get what we get now, abusive power-cut government
2. We elect DMK + Congress (the previous state and the present abuser at the central) = we get what we get now, abusive power-cut government

So, there we have it, its a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Leaves me to ask just 3 things:
Do we have a reason, to vote for?!
Who do we have, to vote for?!
3. I know my vote would make a difference yet where is the choice I have to vote for?!


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