Friday, February 24, 2012

Revolution or Evolution?!

Thus read the NEWS... "Chennai, Fb 23 : Five people, including a Former Engineering Student, who were involved in the twin bank robbery in the city, were shot dead in an encounter by the police, this morning."

I wondered... if only these people had used their energy to fight against the injustices in the society, used their strength to fight for the vulnerable, used their minds to give voice for the voiceless, used their power to protect the poor and the often abused, they would have become revolutionaries. Instead they chose to follow our great toppied babu's and entered into making easy money
in the footsteps set forth by them, looting and scamming money that is never their own; thus have evolved...

Evolution and Revolution all in one's hands.



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Dee........ said...

Perfectly said !
revolution NO evolution NO

confusion YES