Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It Happens Only In India (Part II of III)

Thus reads the preamble of our great constitution… “We, the people of India, have solemnly resolved to constitute India into a Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic, Republic and secure to all its citizens: Justice, Liberty, Equality and promoting above them all Fraternity” yeah right!

This is a land that claimed Gandhi… lets face it. Probably the Brits aimed at only looting us like they recently did in their own streets recently. We killed Gandhi not the Brits. Now with all these non-violent satyagrahas and ahimsas especially in the form of hunger-strikes (I deliberately resist calling it a “fast” and insist on referring to this as a “hunger strike” the former is for internal cleansing and the other for deliberating control or as in this case maybe for external cleansing… I deliberately resist calling it a “fast”. It is a “hunger strike” and there is a difference) what are we trying to prove? Children go for hunger strikes to force their parents into something. It is not something great that adults do. Hunger strikes are sadomasochistic and the ones who are for it and extend support and push a person to carry on are just plain sadistic who find pleasure in the suffering of another, just one more irony of recent times. Just think. Gandhi, a simple teetotaler, an inspiration to bring forth dry states and dates would be smiling to see his personal belongings resting in the house of one of India’s richest and flamboyant liquor baron. Can we Indians be described with a bigger ironical figurative than this?!

The complacent and unaffected rich seldom question and the issues and concerns of the poor who do dare to question get crushed to silence with brute political and police force thus ensuring silence in the goonda raj. Aren’t we all watching the same drama being enacted over and over and over again by the topied baboos?!

(To be contd.)

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