Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Circuit Board a.k.a Relationship(s)

Strength, love, compassion, passion and what not that comes with relationships? So much so alongwith... betrayal, distrust, longing and crazed frenzies that beget lust in our search for that eternal relationship chiseled to perfection in a world where nothing remains constant except change.

Everything and everyone for a while… just a while like a fading smile and a twinkle in the eye… everything for a moment. Just a moment for you and I. Rusting, decaying and deliberately rotting and what do you do? Watch! Stand and watch this brutal murder helplessly. Reason why at times it is better to fade away into a world of isolation rather than pass through this ruthless slaughter with vivid memories of the paralyzing past. A circuit board-like we are! One short circuit and the whole system gets busted.

That’s why I always feel as I say that there shall be no fight as long as two can avoid the first.

Is isolation the cure for cramped-up relationships? Are relationships that easy for one to step in and out of? Everyone needs space? What if each other needs this space in turn? Wouldn’t we be obliged to give that right to the one we are with if it were rendered to us too earlier? What if we want company when the other wants the personal space and would it be right of us to ask for company and nudge and nag when we asked for our personal space without any consideration of the other when we wanted it? That is when we all will have our space except everything else we want, wont we?

If getting into a relationship makes us seek our own space and one has to get desperate for that, what is the point of “coming together" in a relationship? We might as well be better off without one and without the one. Relationships are supposed to grate one off the world of loneliness and if relationships itself is the cause for one to feel lonely, whats the point being in one? Worthless I believe…

Bottomline: Nevertheless it moves and people will not miss a chance to prove that they are fools in love. Its alright to be a fool in love yet caution be taken to ensure that one does not get fooled with love.

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