Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cognition To Connect

Today there was a thought I have been trying to remember and finally got it!

Earlier I had read an other blog where the protagonist asks "is it possible to see and touch an object-which is sensation-but not let thought create the image?" and wanted to reply sans reflection cos Psychology had the answer for the same. 'Cognition' being the keyword, it brings into force various connections learnt, experienced and observed. This is a vault from which these pieces are interwoven. The magnificient marvel of the human mind!

A very small meditation on the word 'Mountain' (for an illustration) brings in the memories of the first mountain climb we had, the view of the snow-filled tops, the accidents we narrowly missed during the climb upward, the mist that we saw and the oncoming traffic that we couldn't, the rugged buses that passed by, the chillness on the tip, the furnace in the kitchen that kept us warm while sipping that black tea, the images from the ends of the cliff, the person who walked with us skin on skin... for the warmth or for the lusty fire burning within-God alone knows! the temple by the brook, the crystal clear water, the careful trek scanning for animals that might come to the brook, the animals that actually crossed the path, the relationships that began on top and ended as we descended... and how glad we were though the pretentious mask of saddness we did put on... hahaha! not possible to let the thoughts disconnect at the point one wants to! It is simply a rush of connections, connection after connection. Thats cognition! And if it were not there, we have a problem at the Psychological level to solve. The visual imagery with auditory response and sensory stimulus is just a normal process and it is an indifferent mind that questions yet a ignorant one that ponders. This is simply not a wonder. Simple, natural and clear.

Bottomline: If something did not affect you, it was not worth going through.

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