Monday, October 5, 2009

They Definitely Need To Be In A Workshop

Coming back from a workshop, there was something I wanted to blog about. Will verbattim the process for better understanding...

Scene: The workshop, a senior Professor, is surrounded by hand-picked company of girls... they are about to begin discussion on a topic on "Process"... and the dialogue goes as follows in the paradise of fools...

Antique Prof: O.K before we begin, lets understand what 'supervision process' is.

Aspiring Student: Sir, whats a 'process'?
Antique Prof: Yeah, thats what I want to start with. O.K, since none of you know, let me explain what a process is.

(It was almost nearing lunch time)

Antique Prof: When we go for a buffet, we first take the plate, right?

Aspiring Students: Yes, sir!
Antique Prof: Then we take some chappatis, right?
Aspiring Students: Yes, sir (in Chorus)
Antique Prof: Then we take some chicken, then some mutton, then some raitha and proceed to eat... right?

Aspiring Students: oh, yes sir! (now almost reaching a fake state of ecstasy)

Antique Prof: We do not dump everything in one... rather, we follow a system and that is process my dear!

(I would have expected light effects and more drama at this point. However, this old guy, being a bachelor and having every right to be so, is also supposedly a very powerful person in his own den. So now for the hysterical part...)

Antique Prof: Now did you get it?

(As he secretly pryes on the fake attention, his quiet satisfaction got busted when one among the few said...)

Aspiring Student: No, sir!

Antique Prof: Why?

Aspiring Student: "I am a vegetarian sir!"

(Duh! I almost fell off my chair hearing this... untill this old guy goes...)

Antique Prof: O.K, so you take a plate, you take some chappatis, you take some mushroom, you take some gobi manchurian, some raitha and proceed to eat... now thats a process... (puff! pant! puffed out!) Did you get it?

Aspiring Student: Ahhh! now I understood it.

(Professor giggles, I almost lose my balance... I can hear the chorus "Long live the community of fools" singing in high pitch somewhere in the corner of my head)

Bottomline: Wonder how some so called 'Men' behave like fools in the company of women


umashankar said...

Well, Sir, that is another process. One, in which, the Prime Creator fumbled!

That was an interesting read.

VST said...

There is a Tamil proverb which goes... "Yan-naikkum adi saru-kum" translated it means 'even an elephant slips at times'.