Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Now What If...

"How much is too much?" This used to be the question sans answer posed a long time ago and the drama still continues.
Yesterday, I was called by Dr. X in the Department and in an announcement meant to reach the entire Staff Room through me, it was told that I had erred by giving a full mark for a student in the class test.
According to the hypothesis, 'they need space for improvement by marking them less.'

There was a question once again thrown at me, if there was no place where I can reduce the marks. There wasn't. This kid had taken pains to write the Psychological and Psychiatric aspects of the concept, had presented it really well and there was simply no error. Actually, given a choice, I would have marked more. Yet I had to agree upon power thrown around that I will mark them less next time "Giving them the space for improvement" Duh!

Now what if people tell me whats the minimum marks I can give rather than tell me the maximum?
Now what if people leave the extent of the mark to be given to the discretion of the Lecturer and just keep their perspectives to themselves?

Now what if people learnt to pontificate less?

Now what if I still don't believe that someone has to be marked less just because I have the power to tell them that I can... because I can?

Now what if the students decide that marks cannot judge how good they are?

Now what if people try to figure a way to positively reinforce good work rather than highlight the not so positives all the time?

Now what if I still don't fall for this pressure and still decide for myself what is best even if I am not right?

Now what if the world learns to stop containing people within limits and give them space to grow?

Bottomline: Now what if... we recheck ourselves?!


Dee said...

What if the whole world views in my perspective ! :)
nice one...

umashankar said...

If only there were fewer Dr X's around. The trouble is they will keep walking the earth in droves, burying the labour of good Samaritans for good.

VST said...

@Dee: What if I don't need anyone to probably be with me in my thoughts and just let individual thinking, though barbaric and uncouthed, be my own?
@umashankar: Running from one Dr. X will only lead me to another probably with another name... thats all. Agreed.

dee said...

Yeah.. you are on your own(in thoughts)
Which will make us feel special(to ourselves)

Saru Singhal said...

I never thought such a simple question has that many manifestations. Well, I think if someone deserves it, we should award them. It will surely motivate them and will try to do better each time. Once you taste the best/success, you get addicted to it and you would work harder to maintain the status.