Friday, September 4, 2009

Sin Sans Guilt

Isn’t it strange how Gods have Goddesses yet the Devil is always Masculine and alone! Does that mean that every Man needs a woman to become God-like? Undeniably there is a correlation. Look around… it’s the Boys, Guys, Men without a woman besides to neutralize that venomous testosterone by submerging it with the magic and illusion of love who dare to venture into the forbidden world of sin sans guilt though quite often than at times its because of the women they are with that Men get into this world too.

Does this sprinkle a perspective? Men need women who are feminine not those who think that Men are chauvinistic, arrogant bastards and display their equally annoying side by trying to replicate them as a means to be their “equals”. It is in this deadly combination of the completely Masculine side of the Man and the completely feminine side of the female that an aura of charisma is created. Everyone needs an inspiration to create or destroy. Inspiration comes in many forms be it music, wine or women though one Man’s food can be another Man’s poison… the wonder of nature’s ability to create a monster and an angel at the same time with the same ingredients. Romance is just a cloud every human soul wants to embrace.Typical Male behaviour is seen in the wild though most Male beasts roam in the urban jungle amidst files and wires. Though capable of offering tender love and care, this animal prefers to be complicated, aggressive, uncontrollable, unpredictable, arrogant and powerful reserving 'tlc' only for the woman it is with. Once having decided to be nasty to survive the wild, it is better to be the rare Blackadder.

Bottomline: "Some rise by sin and some by virtue fall" Shakespeare

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