Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Human soul is so fragile, existing on a delicate mask it wears creating an illusion around it for its own comfort to a point where the question of its survival becomes a reality too hard to bear when it has to destroy the illusion it has created around it; spending time, energy, emotions and money to come out of the condition box it is trapped in to set itself free, to face the world of reality and to experience what life has in store for each one of us.
This often leaves the soul shattered making it feel empty and meaningless when it comes in terms with the reality that surrounds it and finds that there is no way out of this fake world of illusions but to accept the hard, crude and ruthless fact that the mask indeed has to be taken off and left behind when one is tired of wearing and carrying the mask too long. The essence of exploring deep into the soul begins thus by initiating a need to find the answers to life and wanting to experience it for real in the discoveries that one makes in the wilderness the soul is dropped to find itself.
This lost soul is often not alone and this at times heightens the questions of finding one's path in the wilderness seeing other soul searchers mercilessly searching as well. There are plenty of soul searchers out there often in frustration and desperation in the initial stages of the search. This phase is only a test of endurance. To check if one deserves what one desires.

The very act of soul searching begins when one is fed up of the artificiality, faking and lies that people use as an armor as well as a weapon to deceive. Thus begins the search for truth, love and purpose for which one would live or die for.
Truth sets us free. Simple and clear. There is nothing more left to be explained about that.

Love on the other hand is a parasite just like the people who search for it to feast, survive and spread. Ironically it is a parasite living on a parasite consuming and growing on each other. 'Love is an illusion', so they say. For every searching soul this is an option left open for the revival of the lost innocence from the corrupted traps of knowledge which entered in the pretext of curbing ignorance. It is in this wild quest for exploration that souls are lost and found in a maze often leading to amazing discoveries that surprises, shatters or soothes the soul from deep inside.

Bottomline: Without losing oneself, one can hardly find what they are searching for.

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