Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Towards A State Of Redemption

The world is not enough for all the filth people dump it with. “Politics” what can I say about this? Best defined as ‘poly’ meaning ‘many’ and ‘tics’ meaning ‘little blood sucking parasites’. Yet it moves…

There is the joy of power, expansion of power and there is nothing that power has left unturned and none unchanged. The variety of political flags representing the various parties which by the by is the result of the presence of variant ideologies in the socio-political-religious, pseudo-hypocratic-metaphysical market of double standards. Plenty of them we have, those that the belly-dragging hyenas, bastards and son's and daughter's of bitches put forth vehemently... so very vehemently... and it enthralls us... the common man and woman and is most likely that the parties consult the United Colours of Benneton for the colours to paint their flags.

What we need to understand is that fixed ideologies in the pretext of affixing values that seem to be lost to the world changers results only in the cultivation of prejudice, bigotry and unforetold chaos and is as explicit as holding on to the reins of wild horses when mindless bastards who beg not to differ from the one's who envisage these ideologies, followers as they are and fools they shall be, try to promote the same; something the common man affected by this endlessly tries to get past. “For the people, by the people and of the people” ends up only as a one liner that seems to be fit for a population explosion campaign these days. If only people could incalculate in them the values they try to imbibe!

A little birdie, who refreshes me with divine enlightment shows me how hard it is for the heart to bear, when ignorance is curbed and innocence lost, when the mind is given light to what happens around in the dirty nooks and corners of the world and explicitly refreshes me with the reactions of a child, something long lost in the world of mine. It is this innocence that one wishes to preserve. Yet it moves…

The mind tries to hold-back information that is too hard for the heart to bear. At times a reason we have to not take the train to a guilt-trip by withholding information that sets the heart in despair. Damage to the mind can be handled and that to the body and heart soothed when it rests in caring hands yet the scar left on the soul remains fresh and bleeds every time patterns of the past re-emerge and penetrates, forcing us to think and react sans feel and respond… an unwilling yet compulsive trip the situation, environment and society pushes us to take quite often so mercilessly… those which shake our foundations.

Its out of these barracks that politicians emerge. Each with his/her own baggage, most of who enjoy the distance in contrary to the closeness to the people for who they are supposed to be for where they are. They know yet they won’t move. They move yet won’t know. They do not know where to draw that thin line that redefines personal attitudes and common interests. That thin line that sets standards, values and morale. They do not know what to keep and what to spread. They keep peace and spread violence and hatred in their rush to win those precious, bloody vote-banks. Those blood-sucking parasites!

We, the common man and woman are supposed to be blamed as well. We question the positives and never the negatives. We question love and leave hate unquestioned. We question the reasons of love and never hatred. When hate is left unquestioned it breeds unlike love. We all work on the reverse and then learn to deal with the complexities of our decisions… Isn’t that what is proved since time immemorial?

What we need is redemption not enlightenment alone. What we need is a state. A state of mind. A state of well being. A state where every common man and woman is nurtured, nature subdued and a state where every man and every woman will live his life’s worth and explore his/her potential and account for himself/herself the essence of his/her time in this state. If it were God’s and Goddesses’ plans that we were born with people who we see around us, so be it, so be it unchanged yet the state has to. What nature can’t let nurture change. Let hypocrisy be replaced with genuineness and let truth prevail so that every child born into our arms will smile with peace.

Bottomline: Its nice to be a contortionist than be as rigid as a corpse.

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