Saturday, January 28, 2012

One Man's Dream-Can It Change The World?!

One man’s dream has always shaken the earth. One man’s dream has always melted the world. One man’s dream has always saved and has at many times taken lives. That one man’s dream!

We all have dreams. Sometimes wishing never to dream is in a way a dream as well in this illumined, illusioned world of maya we all believe we live in. Those moments of thoughtlessness, totally estranged from any nerve signal to induce those thoughts for the conscious, subconscious and unconscious minds to reflect upon… that feast to the mind we at times have the luxury to deny… those moments of thoughtless thoughts, those thoughts that matter the most.

“Why ponder when we can lose ourselves in wonder?” I always think. That’s the essence of goodness I believe that makes us ponder many a times in life’s most twisted moments. The rot amidst beauty that we wish to cleanse so that beauty in itself can be undenied and experienced. The conflict of the soul begins thus in the process of attempting to cleanse… the mind, the body, the heart, the soul or simply just the physical and metaphysical surroundings within and around us. At the end of the day when we know that the heart doth ruleth the world, logic is used to set things. Right? Yet who decides the rights and the wrongs and can there be anything wrong when social conditioning and pressures that decide these characteristics are so vividly varied at every latitude and longitude that crisscrosses this Earth? Aren’t these the very cause of prejudices and bigotry? Isn’t what is right for one not the right one for another? Who decides? Are we adding into the pool our own immense, compulsive thrash while attempting to empty the dirty pool of stink… so as we all think! We do.

Are we agents of change, just wriggling parasites or just passers by? Are we called to duty or does duty call us? Where do we begin and where does it end? Can a sculptor chisel his sculpture endlessly? Now how does a man dream an endless dream? The point where the mind begins to work, emotions cease. So do emotions become a mind game afterall when on the contrary the whole momentum of thoughts begun with a need to feel, experience and liven up emotions? Where do we get lost in this game of life? What do we seek? What are those dreams we awaken with? What are those dreams that awaken us? And what are those dreams that we chase? Can one man’s dream make all the difference? Can one man’s dream be so powerful that it can move thousands to see it? Can just one man, one dream change lives? I believe it can and it does, it has happened and it will be so… so be it.

Bottomline: The problem in this world today is ignorance and apathy. Either we simply do not know or we simply do not care. At times the problem itself for some human beings is that they know and they do care.


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