Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Indian Sexuality

"India is a country where we (still) get a chance to see 30-year old virgins... mostly men. The country I would say that has a sexually-retarded population; rising up to any occasion (pun intended) to coo at the opposite sex... refreshing innocence and sheer immaturity displayed simultaneously."

(Listening to the whistle of the Indian male on women passing by or rather who tried to)

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DeEpAK KaRtHiK (420) said...

hilarious !
so what if we see a 30 year old virgin ? it is his fate and interest and circumstances !
Don't label INDIA,,, our times are changing

VST said...

Dear DeEpAK...
"So what?!" has been a statement, asked by a few, that has been the downfall of many societies. So what if we drink and lie on foot paths? so what if we have children we do not know? so what if we have children dying of malnutrition? so what if farmers die of starvation, weavers can't buy clothes to cover themselves and politicians don't go to school? so what?!.. so what if I care a damn about your comments too?!... probably I do care cos' that is what changes things for the better and I appreciate your attachment.
Its not about being 30-year old virgins... its about being sexually deprived, sexually disappointed, sexually frustrated and thus sexually-retarded virgins. Its the aftermath not the occurrence.
Take things well and I do agree with you that times are changing and would like to point to the direction of looking beyond the borders and confinement of cultural and traditional limitations and religious, political manipulations. Keep writing in.


DeEpAK KaRtHiK (420) said...

hehe sir, i didn't take your words as an offense, I (we) can't expect everyone to be like us and we can't expect people to think alike us !
I believe parent's of today are quite cautious than any other parents of the world(i believe so)

can you tell me the reason sir ? why there are such people ? i mean reason for having people above 30(as virgins) ?

coo around, yes i accept that.
everywhere and in every country there happens a sexual harassment, you think only in India ?
Sexually retarded people are everywhere i believe only their % of existence differs from country to country !

VST said...

Dear Deepak,
None alike, I do agree, paradoxically aren't we alike in agreeing?! hahaha!

Yet, its no sin being a 30-year old virgin yet its what these 30-year old frustrated and desperate virgins do that became my point of concern... victimize our mothers and sisters on the roads, on the streets and inside homes (sometimes even little boys and domesticated pets are not spared as well). Isn't that criminalish?!

Now for the "why?"
Our middle class values... our pride and as in any case as in this, every blessing has a curse in disguise and vice versa that makes us ask "why not?". Like they say, "Killing for peace is like fcuking for virginity." And holding on to these values we are nevertheless promoting not just the values yet the vices that emerges as its byproduct.

Taking the 3 reasons you had mentioned in your previous comment,
Fate- an escapist's pointer,
Interest- a reality often faked, and
Circumstance- an opportunist's dream and a procrastinator's nightmare
are just excuses rather than reality. Reality is that we are prisoners of our own value system which we try to poke on others and end up confining ourselves into; often leading us to breach everything secretly and become branded hypocrites.

By the by, even a small percentage is a big number in such a huge population in the Divided States of India.