Monday, January 30, 2012

The Wise One Said SO

Me: Tried an acronym for the things we should be careful investing in...

The Wise One (TWO): So what is it now?

Me: Its the "TEM"

TWO: And what does it stand for?

Me: T stands for Time. E stands for Energy and M stands for Money. Its investment on these that makes us.

(In deep thought stood TWO and began in a low voice...)

TWO: Can we call it TEEM instead of TEM?

Me: And what would the second "E" stand for?!

TWO: Emotions... think you missed it.

(Then the moment of silence.)



Seema said...

Beautiful...That 'E' is very important in our life....nice

Dee........ said...

hehe woe ! nice explanation.. will use it if i have a question on this part :P No Copyrights :P :P

banti said...

-Nice blog sharing information