Monday, January 30, 2012

Why Do We Blog?!

The Wise One (TWO): So what have you been upto lately?

Me: Nothing much... just gotten into blogging a bit regularly these days.

TWO: So you write?

Me: Yep. Can say so.

TWO: So who do you write for?

Me: What?! What do you mean "who do you write for?!"

TWO: Who do you write for?

Me: No clue... (Duh! This guy always gets me.)

TWO: Just wanted to know if it is for the love of the audience or for the love of writing...

Me: Can't separate both... can we?!

TWO: Can separate the mask from the face... can we?

Me: Duh! Why does this guy always got to get me?

(By the by, this is my 100th post in this blog this time)



Anonymous said...

hahahaha. thats a good one. loved it.

vinay said...

Nice conversation.
Congrats for your century. :)

Enigmatic Soul said...

Interesting! :)

Dee........ said...

LOL :) i have experienced this conversation but i will reply as IT IS NOT THAT I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY, IT IS JUST I WANT TO SAY SOMETHING :P
keep rocking with your posts !