Friday, January 6, 2012

Time to watch the pigs enjoy the filth

Sometimes getting people to read my blog makes me write the way others would probably like to read it, defeating the purpose of blogging in the very first place. Sometimes I look at blogs with a great hit counter and find the writing in there quite captivating... could be that 'Halo effect' created around it even before me setting in with the counter at the bottom highlighting hard-to-believe digits. If there is so much of traffic it has to be good... right?! Then I am reminded of the story of the 'Sour Grapes' that the fox could not reach and shut up.

Moments before I leave my temporary abode that has imprisoned me for the last couple of years, I look back at life and can't believe that I endured a one-straight road for this long. The initial days as usual was great. Exotic!... to a certain extent. Then monotonous melodrama sets in and you need to move before the boredom looms. Before leaving I just had a few questions connected no where with my movement that I wish to pen...

1. Why is Sonia Gandhi and Co. behaving like teenagers on heat (esp. after her visit to the U.S. of A for her so confidentially kept "health reasons") insisting on the FDIs and other foreign retailers to come into India despite the protests of the people in the so called "Demo(n)cratic" government I am asked to believe that I live in?

2. Why is there such a fuss to shut down a nuclear plant in Koodankulam even after the public don't want it there in the first place? If there is such a protest by the people, then can there be space for a doubt that they neglected public opinion and approval, considered mandatory before beginning the project? Such an ill planned installation-whose mistake is it that the PM insists on implementing? Why does this dictatorship form of ruling come in?

3. Chidambaram's nepotism has been brought to light; his earlier client, a hotelier has gotten an undue advantage, a letter of recommndation from this home minister to drop the charges against him and the BJP has the credit of taking up this fight from the media-light. Great! Great that this is happening as it always happens during the election time. This home minister however, is yet to be accused of GENOCIDE for labelling the people who tried to protect the natural resource of the country as "Maoists" and to promoting it sound like such an evil word and for organizing special forces and funding them with the tax-payer's money to eradicate the sons. daughters and children of nature all to give way for "Vedanta", a mining company to come into ofrce and plunder our resource, another earlier client of the minister... was the BJP and other parties dead when this was happening? Can there be anything more openly evil than this?

4. Why is there a toll charge levied on the road I travel in when I pay my taxes, both direct and indirect and to top it road tax and so on and so forth?

5. If my tax money was not used to build the road, then why do I see the picture of the UPA's mute PM and brute president on billboards on the same road claiming that it was an infrastructure development project by them?

6. Why is my country exporting food grains to feed the cattle of another country at a subsidized rate (European cattle to be exact) when the same is sold to the poor in my country at a higher rate and the farmer still kills himself unable to feed himself nevertheless his family?

7. Why does my country's highest court of justice sanction the exporting of 'endosulfan' when its impact on human lives has been witnessed in our own?

There is so much of cleaning up to do... cobwebs, dirt, filth and long decay, while cleaning it, I wonder how these that I dispose now, loads of them, got in and stayed in the first place. What was I doing when this filth was accumulating? "Busy" I suppose, the usual convinient excuse while living my mundane life. And now I am forced to take some strike-force action to throw all this out as I clean up. All this while contemplating about cleaning my house before I vacate... maybe these lines suit well for the country as well. If the cap fits let them wear it. Now, very few like my writing... still, very few care. let me pack.

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