Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Lover's Temptation

Testing the man's impulse, temptation reigns.

With the maiden's simplest twist,
melody galored, beauty adored.
The ravaging beast within, all set to devour;
Knowing not, the prey lies in sweet surrender.

Lying thus between the mythical lines of insanity,
vain, pain and seductive pleasure all entwined.
Tempest of lust rising like wildfire.
Amidst hope and shattering despair,
raining clouds could have drenched the reigning moan.

Yet, with a harmonious glow with nothing left to conquer
began the exploration of the soul.
Bodies tied like a hangman's rope,
the noose neither killing nor letting go.
Kisses, soft and hungry too, muscles twitch with every move,

Coiling like serpents in tight embrace,
the heart doth race to the lover's pace.
Lifting high on the air above, to let her fly as she will...
yet she leaned to reach her lovers lip,
to grab another moment of sheer bliss.

A walk into the wilderness with the kiss of love,
shackles of restraint broken in haste.
No more turmoil of the world below.
with heaven too far to reach above
rose the stars with twinkling glee,
Life was worth living free.

Pic. Courtesy: http://wordexplain.com/sintempt.html


Saru Singhal said...

That's really profound and tasteful...Great one...:)

Ghazala Hossain said...

Beautiful, you write so well :)

VST said...

@Saru: Thanks.
@Ghazala: Thanks again.