Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Great Indian Sexuality Contd.-The Stare

Some stares that are deemed the fundamental rights to men (in the unwritten rule book, ofcourse) in our constitution:
#1. Mandatory stare at (even slightly) fair women
#2. Guaranteed stare at hourglass figures (even if not fair... not unfair)
#3. Optimal stare at "Oops!" moments
#4. Shorter the skirt, longer the stare
#5 Newton's new law: Time of stare proportionally increases with the size of the object it stares at
#6 Suspicious stare at girlfriend
#7 Quick stare at wife
#8 Desperate stare at even the shadow of a woman
#9 A must stare at a woman in the rain
#10 A dare stare at a woman in uniform (Police, preferably)
#11 The only thing that bridges our generation gap-father and son staring at the same girl

This happens everywhere around the world; yet we are super champs in this game of staring where no woman is safe no matter what she wears (from a mini skirt to the burkha to a saree to a salwar, women have been raped in whatever she has been in) when our eyes do the undressing and scans her nude, tell me what is the best cloth she can possibly wear?!...

p.c: http://www.operationsports.com/deaduck/screenshots/907-yard-sale-kinda-junk/15045/

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Rupertt Wind said...

I say Pepper Spray! dude! :D

nice write up my friend, hilarious and so true too.