Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hail Moral Judges!

Sometimes we always see life passing by, from a window. Safely ‘wishing’ we can be on the other side of ridicule… ideally! Only wishing! Wishing for the ideal.
On a dead mannequin rests an essence of a person who admires the exchanged idea of a persona alive across the glass window. The transfer of the psyche into a non-existing form to reach for the tangibles and experience it in convinience! The convenient game of watching someone else take our place to have the guilty pleasure we want too and to have the luxury of standing back and watching that replaced 'someone' suffer the consequences of the action. We want to escape and that too... unharmed.
Such a merciless calm before the storm!
The rudimentary challenge that faces everyone sometime and someone every time, are moments when a principle one holds is cornered and crudely challenged. Principles! The ones that we make for ourselves to find dignity and respect in places where people tell us to guard our reputation even with our own life. From where do these challenges emerge that makes us impaired when seldom prepared?! Fraying those little hopes so meticulously chiseled like fragile remains of strained faith of an ancient painting in a deserted cave, left to rot yet still shimmering the keeper’s pride.
Those moments when one dives deep, touching the rock bottom at the nadir of an ocean of ridicule, flapping those tattering mermaid fins, lost between a smoky dust of a surreal land one wants to merge and the mesmerizing-luscious beauty of the deep-mystic ocean one wants to diverge. Those moments of finding strength and dying helplessly… Anger, frustration and more anger and even more helpless anger that emerge like bursting lava in its full frenzy from an erupting volcano with the lust of desires we have and to not find what we hold as firmly as we seek to find the same for those moments of momentary comfort.
Nevertheless, some lifeless moths do make certain compromises for the lack of its principles, and that frantic wish to fake its presence in the vacuum of its absence, creeps in a desire to expect it from those vulnerable to our provocations. That FC$KING moral judgments passed… that jealousy with a halo!
Bottomline: As you judge, so may you be judged

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