Monday, September 7, 2009

The Lustful Wish

Whirlwinds of magnitude great
swirleth like wildfire rising.
Far above the celestial skies,
A whisper among the Gods-About her beauty.

The widening smile, her twinkling eyes!
The words just broke and the worlds just stopped to watch
as she jumped to sway her flowing frock.

The winds of mischief with growing lust gasped for a moment and grew stronger,
Watching her honey-drenched lips shine with the sun’s blinding rays.
The rays so sharp, cleverly did try to hide her skin,
brazing those watchful eyes.

She jumped to reach,
To reach for something above the skies.

The splendid horizon,
The mooring moon,
The soaring eagle,
The thumping beagle,
The mind full of vanishing struggle oft tried in vain,
to contain her within limits of boundaries and pensive solace.

The fragile leaves swayed in the field
with tender understanding as they soothed her glowing skin.

“Even the free-sailing tempest dareth not stop her now.
This time is for her to fly and touch the skies.”
Said he standing invisible somewhere near.

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