Thursday, September 3, 2009

To Pain With Love...

Long withstanding and quite understanding;
Remorse replaced with resilience, stood I with someone not too new; Endured debacle as follows...

“Pain! What thou bringst!
Is it in vain that we suffer thee?
Pleasure found none who cast their minds to sway from thee.

Contrary doth my mind think today.
And quite complacent my soul doth feel.
Coming in terms with the sequence of events that offer thee.
The ridiculed mandatory impression of thy vast foray.
That calls for compassion to scrub the scar thy reminiscence leaves behind.

Pain, how art thou?
Miniscule or in magnitude great?!
Prayeth I now, casteth thou not thy shadow on the ones I love.

Pain, thy image might scare the breath out of some.
Having been thy favourite and chosen one oft, I know thee.
Today, I laugh at thee. Sans fear, I mock thee.
If thy mandatory services are to be redered, shower it on me, Set my people free.
Spare them all you kill and give me all if thy will…
On bended knees I ask thee…”
Bottomline: "They can't hurt you unless you let them"

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