Monday, August 10, 2015

It's So Good To Fail

We are all beings of imitation; we imitate people who we appreciate; everything we do well is how well we have been able to imitate someone who has succeeded doing things we wished we could do too-be it the way we walk, the way we talk or perhaps even the way we think.

Masters of impersonation are we and with our greed to always excel, we would rather imitate someone who has done the same thing before us than try and attempt to do something our own. To do something our own, means, giving ourselves a chance, a chance to perhaps even fail; yet, we hate trying. We would rather 'cut, copy and paste' in our rush to success rather than give ourselves a shot to fail and perhaps to discover who we really are. We are all scared to fail and in that sense, have forgotten to create something new, something true, something real and above all something our very own that defines us. 

Success has always been history and with more and more conditioned, learnt behaviour being taught in schools and colleges, just an imitate-able impersonation... and just a boring repetition of history. At some point of time, rather than succeed in living a life of impersonation and imitation, tired and boring that we should get, why not attempt to do something ourselves even if it meant we would fail and give ourselves a chance to discover who we really are.  Failure teaches us something new, failure teaches us something more sacred than success, failure helps us learn more about who we are rather than what we are expected to be. It is a success to fail :)    

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