Friday, March 16, 2012

You Can Reach Nirvana In 10 Days

There once was a wannabe-disciple who went to a Guru to feel what being in 'nirvana' felt like. He knew what he wanted and asked the Guru to show him the path to this state through meditation et all. The Guru admitted him and the following conversation emerges 10 days later, soon after the disciple is quite convinced that the meditation he has practiced has helped him reach the state of "nothingness" a.k.a the state of nirvana (yeah right! faster than those 'learn Hindi in 30 days' courses. Must be one of those "I want it now" corporate rats).

Man: (Comes running and panting) Guruji, Guruji, I have reached the state of nirvana.
Guru: Thats great! So what did you realize?
Man: (Puff! Pant! Gasps for breath and...) I feel that I am nothing. From nothing I came and to nothing I go and am nothing in between. I feel great and I feel nothing inside and nothing on the outside.
Guru: Are you sure?
Man: Yes Guruji, with no ego I feel great.
Guru: Are you sure?
Man: Yeee.... (fatak! came a slap from nowhere) szzzzzzzzzz...
(The man looked at the Guru's hand now recoiling after delivering that blow. The man's eyes turned red as the Guru gently smiled. The man spat the blood now drooling out of his mouth and asked...)
Man: What the hell was that for you lousy old man?
Guru: (Still smiling) Now where were we?! So you were telling me that you have reached nirvana and you feel nothing and hence no ego... right?
Man: YEAH, RIGHT! (Still mumbling and hiding his clenching fists)
Guru: Then where did this anger come from?!...

The man went back into the ashram to continue his spiritual journey.


Harish said...

Lol... Great parable.

magiceye said...

:) neat

VST said...

@HArish and @ Mgiceye: ty