Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wow! What A Woman!

Remarkable women who are worth remembering on this day, the women's day:

Indira Gandhi: Prime Minister of India led the country to war with Pakistan in 1971. She is remembered most for her campaign against Sikh separatists and for declaring a state of emergency when inhuman atrocities were done to any "suspected" citizen (which meant every one else who did not have a "Gandhi" as their surname.) She set up India's nuclear program, culminating in the explosion of a nuclear device in 1974. Old is gold indeed!

Shiela Dikshit: So now whats in a name?! "Shit" thats what she made the rest of the world call the country which hosted the Common Wealth Games of 2010. Ofcourse she had a Man to blame it all on... didn't we know that behind every ruined man is a smart woman and smart is she indeed! Currently holds the post of CM of a place declared the most dangerous for women... what a parody just like her name!

Mayawati: The recent kick in her behind following the Uttar Pradesh polls tells it all. From her own lavish spending on security and bungalows to erecting her own statues in useless parks, she has done it all just like any other woman would in self-praise and admiration... probably that is the only excuse she has... being a woman!

Sonia Gandhi: Corrupt to the core, she manifests her Italian mafia streak by using a dumb (mute) punjabi prime minister and an evil tamil home minister to silence the screaming pain of thousands of natives by slitting their throats under the pretext of 'curbing "grave" internal threats' and thereby selling our motherland to foreign-step fathers to use it for mining, bringing in FDI and establishing nuclear power stations. Can say more yet the unsettled bofors scammed guns may be aimed at me... after all must anyone teach her to silence dissent better?!

Mamata Banerjee: Came in as the promising hope of all Bengali's in a Hyundai Santro, saviour of the masses (esp. the people labelled naxals) whom she promised to protect and eventually started destroying... an eccentric piece for study and a sad replacement for Jyothi Basu, a legend, a man.

"Selvi" J.J a.k.a Amma: This thing rose to power not because people liked it but because people did not like the night time-goggles-wearing man and his family of corruption. After all can we blame the people? if not him then this thing, what else to vote for?! Then her regime... Power cuts, shortage of fuel, rising crime rates, even tried to screw up school education and managed to do to some extent for the children, often visits the neighbouring state when ever summoned by the court to face trials pending against her, decides what t.v programs people must watch by bringing the cable t.v under government control just like alcohol which too seems to be a booming business as she generously lets the private leaches take shares in the "business" of education and health. Such is her greatness!

These are creatures that will be remembered as those that roamed the Indian soil. Did I have to add more, after all I haven't gone international yet! Then I thought why waste time? Let me give these hapless ones a break; after all today is women's day and wish to end today's scribble with a quote I read... "When a woman behaves like a man, why doesn’t she behave like a nice man ?"

By the by, happy women's day and may you take many more years still to come as you aspire to be a man. Remember, wearing a pant does not make you a Man anymore than standing in a garage would make you a car. So for heaven's sake, forget all the feminist ideas, grow up, be a good girl, cook food, raise children and be a woman.


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