Friday, July 31, 2009

In Meditation I Write

The voice is cut,
the noises still prevails.
The noises cut,
I listen voices again!

Behind walls of silence,
switching gear to gear,
my journey begins into the wilderness,
across pathless paths I take
as I transcend deeper and deeper into the self...
humbly I surrender to the unseen, the unknown.

No pleasure nor pain,
still in motion, so lies all emotions, thus I stay...
Waiting for the breath to subside.

What am I?
From nothing I came
and to nothing I go
and to realize that nothing I am
feels like there is nothing to worry no more.

'Thathuvumasi'-they say,
To experience a feeling as this.
Hard to explain and hardly explained.

Can't say this is bliss
and can't say that there is anything I missed.
A thought becomes everything
and everything becomes a thought.

Nothing wasted reigns,
nothing wasted remains.

Life is thus and thus remain...
a potpourri of thoughtless thoughts during meditation.

Bottomline: "I think therefore I am"-Rene Descartes

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personalglimpses said...

yes i understand this. in silence does an exodus begin. and in silence our thoughts are naked. sometimes they drill down to find puddles of sad and happy truths. however meditation is a source of comfort and solace.